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Heating Upgrade: Another Customer Recommendation

Heating Upgrade Success Story: A Testament to Quality and Trust

A colossal thank you to the charming Johnston family in Kirkby who propelled our work by recommending our services. Word-of-mouth recognition from our customers is a tribute to our commitment towards delivering first-rate boiler installation and maintenance services tailored to the individual heating needs of local homes.

The story started when the family's traditional boiler, complete with water tanks, began causing more trouble than expected. Broken and clogged up with unwelcome gunk, the outdated heating system provided an opportunity for improvement. When the Johnstons approached us at DDWilson Gas & Heating Engineers, it was clear there was a job afoot, and we were more than ready for the challenge!

Swiftly, our team rolled up their sleeves and set to work on installing an updated heating system, replacing the traditional setup with a sleek, new combi boiler. Our model of choice? The Vaillant boiler, unarguably identified as one of the best on the market. Reliable, efficient, and powerful, the Vaillant boiler was an ideal fit for the Johnston family home.

To ensure a robust defense against future clogs and debris, the installation was complemented with an Adey Magnetic Protection Filter. This ingenious device provides additional protection for your system, ensuring smooth operation and longevity.

An added touch of modern convenience was the installation of Hive Active Heating Controls, an intelligent thermostat system operable from just about anywhere with an internet connection. The family can now control their heating using voice commands via Alexa. Imagine being able to ask Alexa to 'turn the heating up' or 'bring the heating down' and it happening almost instantaneously! The Johnston family can now enjoy this luxury, enhancing their daily heating experience.

This comprehensive heating upgrade came with a sweet deal costing only £2,500 and it granted the Johnstons:

  • Improved hot water flow rates, ensuring a steady stream of hot water when needed.

  • Significant savings on their gas bills, proving that a heating upgrade is not just a home comfort investment, but also a financial one.

  • Rapid heat-up times, providing warmth quicker when it counts.

  • A 7-year full parts and labour warranty, a testament to our confidence in the quality of our installations and our commitment to customer service.

  • The dependable DDWilson aftercare, because we believe our relationships with customers extend far beyond the point of installation.

The transformed heating system fortifies the Johnston’s trust in our expertise and services. So, here's another shout out to the Johnston family for trusting us with their heating needs, and being another one of our satisfied customers. It's partnerships like these that fuel our commitment to deliver top-quality services. DDWilson—because your heating is our mission.

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