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DDWilson Central Heating
Central Heating Maintenance

Central Heating Maintenance

Central Heating Maintenance: Ensure Your System's Efficiency with DDWilson

DDWilson offers quality central heating maintenance services to keep your home warm and comfortable all year round. Our expert heating engineers have experience designing and maintaining central heating systems, ensuring optimum performance and efficiency. With our services, you can count on an attractive and highly efficient system that keeps your house cosy throughout the year.

Why Choose DDWilson for Your Central Heating Maintenance?

Gas Safe Registered: Our team consists of Gas Safe registered engineers with over 1,000 five-star reviews.

Trusted Experience: We have been in business since 2008 and have successfully repaired and installed numerous central heating systems.

Regular Maintenance: Maintain your central heating system with expert care from DDWilson. Regular maintenance prevents costly breakdowns and ensures consistent performance. 

Remember, flushing your radiators every 5 to 6 years is generally recommended.

MagnaCleanse Flushing Process for Heating System Efficiency

Our MagnaCleanse flushing process is designed to maintain and protect all domestic central heating systems from the damaging effects of iron oxide sludge build-up. This innovative process enhances the system's efficiency. It reduces central heating energy bills by between 5 and 15%, depending on the age of the system and the last time it was flushed and maintained.

How Do I Know If My System Needs Flushing?

Clean and tidy work

You may need a MagnaCleanse Powerflush if you notice the following signs:


  • Cold spots on your radiators, particularly at the bottom

  • Constant bleeding of radiators

  • Noisy radiators and boiler

  • Radiator leaks

  • Frequent breakdowns

  • Boiler constantly needs restarting

  • Slow heating of the central heating system

  • Uneven heating across radiators

  • Discolored water when radiators are bled

  • Cold radiators with hot pipes

  • Book Your Central Heating Maintenance Today


Ensure your home stays warm and your heating system operates at peak efficiency. Contact us today to schedule your central heating maintenance or book a MagnaCleanse Powerflush.

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