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DD Wilson Gas & Heating Engineers Complaint Handling Procedure

Complaint Handling Procedure

1. Acknowledgement:

Customers may complain about any of the following contact methods:


Phone: 0151 739 8945

Postal Mail: DD Wilson Gas and Heating Engineers Ltd, Unit 8, Redwood Point, Woodward Road, L33 7UZ, United Kingdom.

All complaints will be acknowledged within 2 working days of receiving them.

2. Review:

Immediately upon receipt of the complaint, DD Wilson will initiate a formal investigation.
The relevant team members will review the matter within 5 working/times, depending on the issue's complexity.

3. Response:

Once the review is complete, DD Wilson will respond with the findings. The customer will be contacted with this response within 10 working days of the complaint's acknowledgement. If more time is needed to investigate the complaint, the customer will be informed of the new estimated timeline.

4. Resolution:

DD Wilson aims to resolve complaints promptly to the customer’s satisfaction. If the customer is unsatisfied with the proposed resolution, they may escalate the issue for further review by a senior team member. Third-party arbitration or legal actions may be suggested to achieve an impartial resolution if necessary.

5. Follow-up and Improvement:

After resolving the complaint, DD Wilson may follow up with the customer to ensure their satisfaction with the outcome and process. All feedback received through the complaints mechanism will be used to improve services and prevent future grievances.

6. Record-Keeping:

DD Wilson will record all complaints and their resolution status to assist with future customer queries and aid in continuous service improvement. Records of complaints and their outcomes will be held in compliance with GDPR and privacy laws.

7. Escalation:

Complaints not resolved to the customer's satisfaction can be escalated internally within DD Wilson. Details of the appropriate contact or department for escalation will be provided upon request.
The customer will receive a response from the escalated contact point within 5 working days of the escalation.

8. Final Stance:

If the customer remains unsatisfied even after the escalation process, DD Wilson will provide a final response stating the company's final stance on the matter.


9. External Resources:

If the customer is still not satisfied with the resolution provided, they may seek advice or intervention from an external body like a consumer protection organisation or industry ombudsman.

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