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DDWilson To The Rescue: A Heartwarming Tale Of Exceptional Customer Service

Not too long ago, DDWilson was again reminded of why we love what we do and how much we value our community relations. We experienced an instance where we had the chance to rise above the call of duty and take customer satisfaction to new heights.

One fine day, we received a call from Mrs Jackson, one of our cherished customers who has trusted us for several years. She had a concern about an elderly friend who was facing an issue with her gas cooker that had unexpectedly broken down.

Understanding the urgency of the situation, DDWilson sprang into action. Our dedicated and responsive team was promptly at the elderly woman's residence, ready to solve her predicament. We disconnected and removed the old gas cooker safely and efficiently and, without delay, installed a new cooker.

Customers gifts to DDWilson Gift bag, wine and card to say thank you
Award Winning Customer Service

But what made this instance truly memorable was what happened next...

Mrs Jackson, in an act of genuine kindness, happily covered the cost of the new cooker for her elderly friend. It was a gesture that deeply moved us. In return, we thought the least we could do was to reciprocate her generosity. So, we decided to waive our charges for the two visits and the three hours we had spent on this job.

To us, it was not about the money. It was about celebrating the spirit of community, camaraderie and humanity. It was about showcasing our commitment to our customers and residents. It was about honouring their trust in us and demonstrating that the DDWilson family always treats their customers like their own.

We aim to keep our customers safe and satisfied, ensuring that every encounter with us leaves them feeling valued ensuring customer service. This experience with Mrs Jackson reinforced our commitment to these principles and inspired us to extend our reach beyond just business.

Not every day does one get the chance to make a difference while doing their job, but at DDWilson, we're proud to say that for us, these days are plentiful. With a smile and warmth in our hearts, we continue to serve, aware that every small gesture counts.


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