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Ensuring Safety & Compliance: A Guide to Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

On the thrilling journey of letting out your property, a companion you don't want to overlook is the yearly Landlord Gas Safety Certificate. Whether it's a commercial lot or a beautiful home in the North West, all gas appliances and pipework must be inspected and certified every twelve months to satisfy gas safety regulations. Between juggling the responsibilities of life and property management, a fair amount of pressure comes with renting out your property. But that's where the friendly, award-winning team at DDWilson steps in – to take the weight off your shoulders. We ensure your rental property stays safe and legally compliant by supporting you with exceptional boiler installation servicing and supplying the required landlord gas safety certifications.

Landlord Gas Safety Inspection: An In-depth Look

At DDWilson, we conduct rigorous tests during the CP 12 Gas Safety Inspection to guarantee the long-term reliability and safety of your property's heating installations.

These comprise:

Analysing the appliance: Taking a keen look at the appliance's make, model, and type.

Pressure and heat input: Checking the operating pressure in Mbar or heat input in kW/h or Btu/h.

Detailed check on the flue: This includes the flue type, its visual condition, and whether the flue termination is up to the mark.

Smoke pellet flue flow test: Ensuring the flue carries away combustion products effectively.

Checking safety devices: Confirm that all relevant safety device(s) function correctly.

Spillage test: No leaks should be present.

Combustion analyser reading: Where applicable, checking the analyser reading ensures combustion processes work as they should.

Ventilation Inspection: Checking for adequate ventilation to support the proper functioning of appliances.

Assessing the landlord’s appliance: A separate check to ensure the landlord's supplied devices are safe.

Checking gas installation pipework: Ensuring the emergency control is accessible, satisfactory visual inspection, a positive gas tightness test outcome, and satisfactory equipotential bonding.

Safety is paramount when you're a landlord — not only for the sake of your tenants but also for ensuring compliance with regulations. With DDWilson, you don't have to face these requirements alone. We're here to provide reliable support and assistance with boiler installations, servicing, and delivering crucial landlord gas safety certificates.

Speak with our friendly team today and find out how we can make your responsibility as a landlord slightly lighter!

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