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A Local Family’s Heating And Hot Water Sorted By DD Wilson

On the left of the picture there is an old cylinder boiler which has been decommissioned and on the right a new boiler installed by DDWilson
before and after boiler installation

Today, the Team worked hard to get A local family’s heating and hot water Sorted on the Barret Saxon Way estate in l33 Kirkby. We hate to see anybody without heating or hot water. It causes havoc to a family’s life with children. So we needed to resolve this quickly for some of the nicest genuine local people you could meet. We got to work and got this upgrade fitted fast with 5-star results. There are still hundreds of these pro max boilers on the Barret housing estate. Over the past five years, these boilers have come to the end of their lives. We are very fluent with this type of conversion to a combi on this particular estate, as we have converted close to a hundred. There are big monster boilers to manoeuvre, replace, and upgrade, but we have it off to an Art now. Our prices are Fair. We only use high quality. As our customers today experienced.

Thank you to The Ellis Family for looking after our Team so well

If you need your heating brought into the current times

You know, the one


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