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Alpha Hybrid Heat Pump: Introducing the Future of Heating

Discover the Alpha Hybrid Heat Pump at DDWilson - your top choice for eco-friendly, efficient heating in Liverpool and the North West. Upgrade your home with our award-winning installation service. Get a quote today!

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E-Tec Hybrid installed in house
E-Tec Hybrid installed in house outside
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Safe and Efficient Boiler Installations by DDWilson

Alpha E-Tec Hybrid: The Ultimate Renewable Heating Solution for Modern Homes

✅ Competitive Pricing
✅ Gas Safe Registered
✅ Family Owned Company
✅ Award Winning
✅ Google Guaranteed
✅ Master Tech Accredited Installers
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Benefits of the E-Tec Hybrid Heat Pump System

High-Efficiency Heating and Hot Water - The E-Tec Hybrid Heat Pump system efficiently heats your home and provides instantaneous hot water when needed.

Smart Operation: The E-Tec Hybrid system utilises Smartech controls and uses real-time energy prices and temperature data to select the most efficient heating method.

Temperature Adaptability: The system can adjust the heating flow and radiator water temperatures depending on the outside temperature, ensuring effective heating and maintaining the set room temperature.

User-Friendly Controls: The E-Tec Hybrid system enables you to adjust the domestic hot water temperature directly from the boiler's control panel or remotely through an app on your smartphone.

Energy Efficiency: The system can calculate the most efficient temperature required for the heating circuit based on the outside temperature, making it an energy-efficient choice for home heating.

Benefits of Installation by DDWilson:

Professional Installation: As experts in the field, DDWilson’s team ensures the proper set-up of your home's E-Tec Hybrid Heat Pump system.

Tailored Solutions: DDWilson’s service goes beyond basic installation, they ensure that the system is seamlessly integrated into your home's existing infrastructure.

Customer Service: DDWilson provides excellent after-sales support, so any queries or issues after the installation can be swiftly addressed.

Experience and Reliability: With years of experience, DDWilson guarantees reliable and efficient installation services, saving you any potential hassle and ensuring your system performs at its best.

Partnering with DDWilson to install your E-Tec Hybrid Heat Pump system will benefit you from their expertise and dependable service. We will help you get the most from the Alpha E-Tec Hybrid system, creating a comfortable, efficient, and sustainable home heating solution.

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E-Tec Hybrid

Welcome to the Future of Home Heating with DDWilson

It's not every day that you encounter a game-changer in the heating world that turns up the heat on innovation and efficiency. Enter the Alpha E-Tec Hybrid Heat Pump—the intelligent solution your home has been waiting for. At DDWilson, we're not just about keeping your radiators warm; we're about bringing the future of renewable heating into your living room.

Understanding Hybrid Heat Pump Technology

Have you ever wished you had a trusty heating system that blended the old with the new? That's what the Alpha E-Tec Hybrid Heat Pump does best. Think of it as a reliable mate for your existing boiler, working in tandem to choose the most efficient way to keep your home toasty while keeping those bills in check.

What makes the Alpha E-Tec Hybrid special is how it makes the most of the air outside. It's like turning a cool breeze into a warm hug for your home while easing up on the gas, doing the planet a favour.

Why Should You Consider an Alpha E-Tec Hybrid?

Choosing the Alpha E-Tec Hybrid is like picking the premium option without the premium price tag:

  • Energy Efficiency: This isn't just about saving pennies; your wallet will thank you. It's about a sophisticated system pulling out all the stops to give you the warmth you want with less waste.

  • Environmental Kindness: Going green doesn't get easier than this. You're moving towards a cleaner, brighter future with the Alpha E-Tec Hybrid.

  • Cutting-Edge Tech: With the Alpha E-Tec, it's all about having the brains to adapt, ensuring your home's heating is intelligent, slick, and always on point.

Seamless Installation with DDWilson Expertise

This is different from your run-of-the-mill DIY job. Fitting an Alpha E-Tec Hybrid Heat Pump is a task for the pros—that's where we come in. DDWilson's experienced engineers will set you up without a hitch and marry the new hybrid system with your home's quirks and features.

Economic Smarts: Investment and Returns

Thinking about the long haul, the Alpha E-Tec Hybrid is the investment that starts giving back from day one. Reduced operating costs, potential government incentives – the gift keeps on giving.

Happy Homes: Real Feedback from Our Customers

Hearing from folks like you who've made the switch makes our day at DDWilson.

Whether it's joy over lower bills or just love of a consistently warm space, the rave reviews don't lie.


Essential Components and Functionality:


Integrated System: The Alpha E-Tec Hybrid combines the Alpha E-Tec 33 HB boiler with the Alpha E-Tec EHP external heat pump unit. This pairing creates an unparalleled hybrid heating solution that caters to all your heating and hot water needs.


Smart Technology Controls: The system includes Smartech controls that are pivotal in managing efficiency. Considering energy prices and external temperatures, the system intuitively selects the most cost-effective and energy-efficient combination to heat your home.


Responsive Heating: The system is designed to automatically adjust the heating flow temperature based on external conditions and demand. This ensures your home is effectively heated, optimising comfort without unnecessary energy expenditure.


Adaptive Radiator Temperatures: Radiator temperatures vary with the outside temperature to maintain optimal efficiency. On milder days, radiators may not feel as hot to the touch, yet the system ensures your home keeps the set temperature.


User-centric Hot Water Control: The gas boiler facilitates instant hot water when needed. You can adjust the domestic hot water temperature directly on the boiler's control panel or remotely via a mobile app. Additionally, the maximum heating water temperature for the heating circuit can be adjusted, though it is optimized based on outside temperatures to maintain energy efficiency.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

Jumping into the world of hybrid heating can be a head-scratcher, so we've packed our FAQ section with all you need to know, ensuring you're confidently stepping forward.

Join the Home Heating Revolution

Adopting the Alpha E-Tec Hybrid isn't just about buying a product; it's about setting the stage for a future where your home is part of the solution.


So, let's walk this path together. With DDWilson's help, upgrading your heating system isn't just a smart move—it's a smooth one. Ready to feel that Alpha E-Tec difference in your home? It's time we talked.

Learn More about the Alpha E-Tec Hybrid Heat Pump, or better yet, contact us at DDWilson, and let's make your home the heart of energy efficiency.


Together, let's heat things the right way!

You Know, The One.

FAQs on Our New Hybrid Heat Pump System

Outside of a house with a hybrid heat pump

Q: How does installing your hybrid heat pump system cost compared to traditional air source heat pumps?

A: Installing our hybrid heat pump system is just a fifth of the cost compared to standard air source heat pumps.

Q: Will installing the new hybrid heat pump cause disruption inside my property?

A: No, there's no upheaval inside your property, as our hybrid system can connect directly to your existing heating system. In contrast, traditional air-source heat pumps often require significant changes, including larger pipes and radiators.

Q: Can you share your experience with traditional air source heat pumps?

A: Yes, we’ve removed about eighteen traditional air-source heat pumps due to their inefficiencies and high operational costs, especially during winter when they consume significantly more electricity.

Q: How does the new hybrid heat pump work?

A: Our hybrid system intelligently decides which heating method to use based on the external temperature. It uses the combi boiler below 3-5 degrees Celsius, and above 5 degrees, the air source heat pump is activated. This method is more efficient and less intrusive than others.

Q: Will I replace my radiators or piping system with the new hybrid heat pump system?

A: Not at all. Unlike the traditional air-source heat pump system, which may require oversized radiators and a large cylinder, our new hybrid system works with your existing radiators and pipework. It doesn’t necessitate new Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs), minimizing disruption and cost.

Q: Is the installation process of the hybrid heat pump system lengthy?

A: No, installing our hybrid system typically takes one to two days, a significantly shorter period than the five to seven days often required for traditional heat pump systems.

Q: What considerations should I know when installing an air source heat pump?

A: Traditional air-source heat pumps require a large cylinder and significant space, and due to their lower operating temperature, your existing radiators might need to be replaced with oversized ones. Our hybrid system eliminates these concerns without requiring major overhauls inside your property.

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