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With Another Lockdown Looming - We've Got You Covid Covered

“IMPORTANT: If we send someone to visit you, please let us know if you think you could be at risk of Covid-19 or are self-isolating. That way we can take extra safety precautions to protect you and our engineer.”

With another lockdown set for early November, DD Wilson has you covered with all your gas engineer needs. We've Got You Covid Covered with all our staff wearing PPE to help protect you and your family and also protect our families and us. Just like back in March DD Wilson will be supporting all our customers old and new to keep the heating and boilers running and serviced to get through the winter months.

We are bringing in new measures for even better customer service and interaction with up-to-date, gas engineer, SMS text messaging, giving customers more information regarding the time of arrival. We will be using contactless payments and invoices all emailed along with gas safety certificates for an easy, quick and reliable all-round service.

Remember this winter will be even more challenging, and your boilers will be working extra hard with all your family using more hot water and keeping the heating on for longer. DD Wilson recommends getting a full system flush to clean out all the pipework helping hot water to disperse evenly over each of your radiators;

Effective service

  1. A highly effective cleansing operation with radiators individually flushed

  2. Competitive Prices.

  3. Our power flushing services priced very competitively.

  4. Reduced heating bills.

  5. As your system and radiators will work more efficiently and effectively; improving performance and heat output, you'll make savings on your heating bills.


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