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1000 kw gas boiler


How often should a commercial boiler be serviced?

Ideally, you want to check your boiler at least once a year to ensure everything's up to scratch and operating safely.

Can you service boilers of all makes and sizes?

Absolutely! Our skilful engineers are adept at handling all manufacturers and sizes like a walk in the park.

What happens if my boiler needs repairs during a service?

If we uncover any issues, we'll discuss the options with you. If any repairs are needed, we’ll get it sorted faster than a hot knife through butter.


Are your engineers qualified?

Every one of our engineers is Gas Safe registered, meaning they’ve got the qualifications and the tick of approval to work on your boilers safely and competently.

Commercial Boiler Servicing

Keeping Your Business At The Perfect Temperature, All Year Round

If you're running a business, you know how crucial a reliable heating system is, especially during those brisk winter months. At DDWilson Gas & Heating Engineers, we're all about ensuring your commercial environment is toasty and welcoming for your staff and customers – no shivers or chattering teeth on our watch!

Reliable Servicing for Peak Performance

No one knows the ins and outs of commercial boilers quite like our seasoned team. Regular servicing isn't just a recommendation; it's a cornerstone for peak performance and longevity.

Here's how our tailored services can make a world of difference:

Avert costly breakdowns: Think of boiler servicing like your car’s MOT; we nip potential problems before they can cause a real pickle.

Energy efficiency: With our servicing, boilers run smoothly, use less gas, and keep your energy bills in check (who doesn't love saving a bit of dosh?).

Compliance made simple: We’ll ensure you’re up to snuff with current safety regulations so you can focus on your business without any regulatory fuss.

Tailored Solutions for Every Business

Whether you're a start-up cafe with a single boiler or a sprawling hotel with an intricate heating system, DDWilson has the know-how to keep things running without a hitch. We pop around, assess your setup, and tailor our services to your needs.

Say Goodbye to Disruptions

We all know time is money, and interruptions can be a real headache. That's why our engineers are quick and discreet; we sort out your boiler with minimal disruption to your daily operations. In other words, we're like the backstage crew, ensuring the show continues!

Award-Winning Customer Service

Yes, we've got the technical chops, but our award-winning customer service truly sets us apart at DDWilson. From the moment you call, you’re treated like one of the family – we're here because we care.

Get In Touch
Ready to get your commercial boiler servicing ticked off your to-do list? Contact our friendly team today, and we’ll sort you out. Because at DDWilson, we're not just about hot water and heating; we're warming the heart of your business.

Contact us now, and let’s ensure your commercial space stays at the perfect temperature all year round.

Why Choose DDWilson for Your Boiler Servicing?
Over 20 years of experience in the heating industry.

A team of Gas Safe registered engineers at your service.
Prompt, efficient, and thorough servicing – because we respect your time. Friendly, approachable, and always ready to answer your questions. Full compliance with health and safety standards for total peace of mind. From sturdy pubs to chic offices, we've got your back. Trust DDWilson to keep your business's heating system in tip-top shape.

What Is A CP17 Certificate

Commercial Landlords, Duty Holders, and Letting Agents are legally responsible for gas safety and must ensure that a CP17 or Landlord Gas Safety Check, Inspection, and Maintenance is carried out annually on commercially rented property.

We can carry the above checks on various commercial buildings, including Offices, Retail and Industrial Units, Pubs and restaurants, Nursing Homes, Factories, Schools, Colleges, Health Centers, Doctors' Surgeries, Farms and Agriculture.


All companies must comply with Gas Safety Regulations. DDWilson will carry out the CP17 Gas Safety Check and Inspection by our suitably qualified and Gas Safe Registered Engineer, who will then produce a CP17 Commercial Gas Safe Certificate for your commercial property or building.

Engineers surveys and maintenance have qualified and registered Gas Safe Engineers ready to complete your CP17 Commercial Gas Safety Check and Inspection.

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