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A Comprehensive Solution to the Lark Lane Heating Crisis - Vaillant 938 and DDWilson save the day.

Greetings, cherished friends. At DDWilson, our commitment to your comfort radiates as warmly as the top-of-the-line boilers we install. Our skilful team recently journeyed to Lark Lane, L17, where a formidable challenge awaited – a heating system in guardedly dire straits.

A Chilling Tale Begins

The quaint yet ample property told a sobering tale, one steeped in frigid discomfort. Imagine the chilling prospect of cold showers and radiators as frosty as the Arctic winds themselves. How would you feel if the winter warmth you sought was seemingly sealed behind icy barriers?

An Ice-cold Investigation

Our storyline takes an intriguing twist as we dive into the heart of the matter. What could freeze the heating capabilities of a robust property, replete with a 14-radiator array, helmed by a central boiler? The culprit unmasked turned out to be an undersized 30kw combi boiler, outmatched and outwitted by the heating demands of the property. Just picture a moped engine battling to run a hefty commuter bus!

Plot Thickens with the Boiler’s Decline

Painful as it was, this wasn’t just a matter of an inadequate boiler. Stealing the show was a condemned system, marred by blocked heat exchangers, absent magnetic filters, and a palpable neglect of servicing. Quite the revelation, given a service contract with a national company was in place.

Welcome our new homeowners to this frosty stage, handed the baton of an ill-chosen boiler, obviously installed to merely 'tick a box'. Now, they bear the weighty prospects of arranging a new boiler system.

boiler rusted with corrosion
In desperate need of a new boiler

Prepared to Triumph - Team DDWilson

This is where DDWilson strides onto centre stage, armed with the grit from industry-tested experience and a resolve to restore comfort. At the frontier of our rescue mission stood the Vaillant 938 Combi boiler - renowned for its impressive 20 pm hot water flow rate and built-in pressurised hot water storage system.

Our chosen hero, Vaillant 938, succeeded in rekindling warmth within the Lark Lane residence. Its mettle bore similarities to the unvented cylinder and heating boiler in a mini plant room Y or S plan system. Well capable of juggling two showers simultaneously, the Vaillant 938 tackled head on the issues of low water pressure and dwindling supply.

Vaillant 938 outer shell
Vaillant 938

Custom Solutions to the Rescue - Vaillant 938

We at DDWilson pride ourselves on tailoring solutions to fit clients' needs like a glove. We assessed the property's size and the consumer profile—the result, a decisive implementation of the Vaillant 938. Equipped with a hot water store, it not only brought relief to the heating issues, but significantly whittled down costs and space requirements.

A Happy Ending Warms Up

Off went the beleaguered old boiler, replaced by our steadfast Vaillant 938. Adding a touch of modern finesse, a new generation hive thermostat was installed, operable via a sleek wall dial, mobile phone, PC, or voice command. As the cherry on top, our clients now enjoy not just a surge in showering delight and soothing warmth, but also noticeable reduction in fuel usage and emissions - a definite win for the climate-conscious folks of Lark Lane.

DDWilson’s Promise

Here at DDWilson, your journey towards comfort and peace of mind is our mission. Our tale of restored warmth at Lark Lane stands as proof of our dedication to ensuring no clients are left 'chilled to the bone'.

From all of us at DDWilson, cheers for lending us your eyes.



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