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From Liverpool to Staffordshire: The Kelly Family's Journey to a Five-Star Home Overcome Heating Challenges

The Kelly family, cherished patrons, friends, and fellow dog lovers, found a new home in Staffordshire, moving from Liverpool due to professional obligations. We at DDWilson have shared a vision with this warm and genuine family - to create a stellar, comfortable residence, a vision we've been eager to help realize.

Mission: Overcome Heating Challenges

When the Kellys made Staffordshire their permanent abode, we were delighted to assist them with their long-planned heating system upgrade—a project marked with inherent challenges we were more than ready to face.

Our primary challenge was the existing heating system - an overkill boiler designed for a space twice as ample, alongside a miniature hot water cylinder befitting a small bedsit, representing absolute inefficiency. Compounding matters, the heating system was laden with building waste and plaster from the uncovered loft tanks, resulting in an arctic home even with the heating blasted to the max due to the system obstruction.

But there was a silver lining. A third of the challenge was already solved—the heating circuit, appropriately sized for the dwelling, required no alteration, easing the upgrade process.

Crafting Tailored Heating Solution

For the Kelly Family’s 2-bathroom property, we proposed the '938' - an optimal solution that eschewed oversized hot water cylinders. Our master craftspeople, Sean and Paul, spent two days transforming their heat system to ensure the home was primed to deliver a robust hot water flow rate and swift heating via a reliable boiler.

The industry-leading Vaillant 938—offering hot water storage and a combined combi boiler in a single unit—was the chosen ally in our battle against the freezing Staffordshire winters. This boiler, known for delivering instant hot water at a staggering rate of 20 litres per minute, was a game-changer.

Transformation: From Inefficient To Stellar

We undertook a comprehensive system flush to eradicate congestion caused by plaster, cement, and other residues—restoring the heating efficiency. An advanced Vaillant magnetic protection filter was subsequently installed.

The Kellys’ old hot water tanks were removed, and the utility room was prepared for installing new appliances. Shoddy plastic plumbing gave way to a robust copper replacement in the downstairs toilet.

Our committed team used top-quality materials, backed by a full 10-year guarantee to overdeliver on the Kelly family's expectations.

Just as their journey has led them to Staffordshire, we will continue with them, maintaining their system, ensuring our promises are upheld and letting time be the testimony to our committed service.

Thank you, Ry and Kirsty, and the whole Kelly family - for the faith you've put into us, from our families to yours. We're profoundly grateful. The journey was challenging, but the look on your faces upon seeing your transformed heating system? Simply priceless.

You know the one. We are DDWILSON.COM.

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