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Warm people cold home: Average Boiler to Unvented Cylinder

Unvented cylinder boiler system room showing pipe work and boiler
Unvented cylinder boiler system

What a Challenging installation for the lovely Mary, the warmest Children's Nurse we have ever met. That's where we step in to get it sorted. Originally the house had a small unvented Cylinder suitable for a one-bed flat or small house; this needed upgrading urgently. We found it unsafe and not up to regulation part 0 standard as all unvented cylinders must comply with Part 0.

We found the existing wiring unsafe and not fit for purpose, along with an under-performing, aged heat-only, noisy boiler (which kept waking Mary) with massive fuel bills and cold radiators.

The boiler didn't heat the water effectively, and the flow was shocking. We felt it was like running a Mercedes on budget tyres. Not anymore! We brought the system right up to date, installing a new cutting edge safe regulation double size unvented cylinder with a full 25-year guarantee.

The electrics associated with the heating system are now up to date. Mary can now control her heating and hot water via either a voice-activated control, her smartphone or portable remote control.

We have upgraded the boiler to the Rolls Royce of the boiler world, Vaillant, which all come complete with 10-year Vaillant parts and labour guarantee.

The house is now warm and cosy, and the hot water is pumping. The fuel bills will see a 50% reduction in the coming months. The system is safe and running at optimum conditions, and most of all, Mary is much happier than she was before.

We're very grateful you chose us. We're even more grateful you never went with the Company that recommended a Combi 🤣 seriously 😳

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