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Answering Your Boiler Questions: How often should you service your boiler.

You should always check with your manufacturer, but your first boiler service must usually be conducted 12 months after installation to meet the terms of your warranty. It should then be serviced every 12 months on an ongoing basis after this. Your boiler needs regular servicing to ensure no new problems, such as gas leaks, have arisen. Every household should have a carbon monoxide alarm so that any issues such as gas leaks will be addressed. However, without a carbon monoxide alarm, carbon monoxide is virtually undetectable. Carbon monoxide alarms are one fundamental reason your boiler should be serviced regularly by a suitably qualified engineer.

A boiler undergoing a service inspection
Boiler Service By DDWilson

What does a boiler service include?

If your new boiler is up to 12 months old, you may wonder what your service will include. Below, we’ve outlined each aspect of boiler service and what it means.

It’s important to note that the installer must consult the product manual for any individual servicing requirements outside of the standard items.

The first thing a Gas Safe registered engineer will do is inspect your boiler and the surrounding pipework. The engineer will check for visual problems such as cracks, leaks or corrosion.

Then, they will test the boiler and its controls to ensure everything works okay. They will remove the boiler casing to make sure there aren’t any cracked or damaged parts within the boiler. This should only be done by a suitably qualified engineer - you shouldn’t take the casing off yourself.

Flue and pressure check

Once the engineer has determined everything looks okay, they’ll check other essential aspects that make your boiler run safely and efficiently.

They will check that the gas pressure and flow are correct and they’ll also check that the flue is fitted as it should be and that there aren’t any obstructions. This is important as a blocked flue could result in dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide, re-entering your home. They may also use a flue gas analyser to ensure the boiler is burning the correct combination of gas and air. You could be overpaying your energy bill if it’s burning too much gas.

Cleaning of essential parts

Included in your boiler service is the cleaning of certain parts such as the heat exchanger and combustion chamber, the burner assembly and electrodes, and the condensate siphon (if necessary).


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