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DD Wilson is helping you stay Gas Safe: Gas Safety Week

Engineer Checking Boiler
DDWilson Gas Safe

In support of Gas Safety Week (14-20 September 2020), local Gas Safe registered engineers from DD Wilson Gas Engineers in the North West are participating in daily blogs and social media to inform the public of gas safety issues and to remind everyone of the importance of having an annual gas safety check by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

This Gas Safety Week, we are celebrating the tenth year of keeping people safe and focusing on how to help your local community stay gas-safe during these difficult times, what to do if you suspect your gas engineer is an illegal fitter, and advise not to DIY when it comes to gas and leave it to a Gas Safe Registered engineer. Not adequately maintained gas appliances can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions, and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Carbon monoxide is known as the ‘silent killer’ because you can’t see, smell or taste it. Therefore, having your gas appliances checked by an engineer listed on the Gas Safe Register is essential.

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Gas Safely Week

Darren Wilson, who owns DD Wilson Gas Engineers, said: “It is our job to ensure that people’s gas appliances operate safely and efficiently. Sometimes, people do not know the signs and symptoms of faulty gas appliances and carbon monoxide poisoning. Because of this, and witnessing non-safety registered individuals carrying out work which is illegal and dangerous to customers are just some of the reasons we’re supporting Gas Safety Week in order to alert the public of the seriousness of unsafe gas appliances and how they can keep themselves and their families safe.”

Jonathan Samuel, chief executive for Gas Safe Register, said: “In these uncertain times, it’s important to regard the safety of our local communities. This Gas Safety Week, we’re delighted to have the support of DD Wilson Gas Engineers, and by working together, we can keep the public informed of gas safety and help reduce the risk of dangerous gas appliances across the UK, helping the whole nation to stay gas safe.”

Top tips on how to stay gas-safe this Gas Safety Week:

  1. Know the symptoms of CO poisoning: headaches, nausea, breathlessness, collapse, dizziness and loss of consciousness.

  2. If you smell gas or think there might be a gas leak, call the free 24-hour national gas emergency number immediately on 0800 111 999.

  3. Never attempt to work on a gas appliance yourself; always seek the help of a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer who can work on your gas cooker, boiler or fire safely.

  4. Don’t cut corners - only employ a suitably qualified Gas Safe registered engineer when having gas work carried out in your home.

  5. Always ask to see your engineer’s Gas Safe ID card. Ensure you check the back of the card, which will state which gas appliances they are qualified to work on.

Gas Safe Register is the official register for legally qualified engineers. You can find a registered engineer in your area by visiting the Gas Safe Register website at


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