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DDWilson helping the community - Carla lane Animal Rescue

DDWilson: Committed To Community Service, Proven Through Actions

Plumber working on a radiator installing the brackets so the radiator can be hung on the wall and connected to the pipe work
DDWilson team hard at work

It's been an action-packed few days here at DDWilson! Our hard-working team has been entirely engaged in a project incredibly close to our hearts. We've been lending a hand to the remarkable charity, Carla Lane Animal Rescue, situated in the beautiful locale of Melling. Our mission? To revamp the central heating system in the quaint little cottage where the tireless staff and helpers reside, and not to forget, home to two delightful pups CoCo and Alphy.

This cottage is a critical hub for the charity. Not just as living quarters for their selfless crew, but it also provides a warm home for those adorable four-legged rescues. Suffice to say, it's a place that deserves all our attention and care and we love helping the community. As with many an old property, the existing pipework and radiators had seen better days. We rolled up our sleeves, turned off our phones, and set to work. Methodically, we removed the old and worn components, replacing them accurately with new, flushed, and spotlessly clean pipework.

floor showing boards out exposing pipe work and a radiator being installed
installing new pipe work to new radiators

Helping The Community

Our dedication to detail is unrivalled, and we've left no stone unturned in this project. We genuinely value Carla Lane Animal Rescue and the extraordinary work they do for animals in need. We didn't just install a boiler; we designed and fitted an efficient heating system, ensuring it would stand tall against the British cold, creating a royal toasty warmth fit for a king - or in this case, a couple of princely pups! And naturally, we intend to ensure it remains that way for many, many years to come.

In our usual approach, we would leverage our strong ties with our distributors and manufacturers, securing the required materials ourselves. However, this time around, our regular partners were all tapped out. But never fear, DDWilson always finds a way! In this instance, Carla Lane Animal Rescue bought the materials, and true to form, we bore the labour costs.

the after efforts of installing the new pipe work and radiator
Nice clean pipe work from DDWilon

The end result? A warm and snuggly haven for our furry friends and the wonderful humans that take care of them. We know very well that amongst our loyal clientele, there is a bunch of animal lovers, and for you lot, we have a heartfelt request. Carla Lane Animal Rescue could really use all the support they can get - whether it's wet food for the animals, a small cash donation, or even a bit of your time.

Our sincere gratitude to the team at Carla Lane Animal Rescue for their endless dedication to animal care. It truly makes our work feel that much more rewarding.

DDWilson: Going an Extra Mile, Every Mile.


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