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DD Wilson Is Proud To Sponsor Lydiate FC

Two football t-shirts laying on the floor to show the sponsorship from DDWilson
Football Kit Sponsored By DDWilson

Community involvement is at the heart of everything we do at DDWilson, and we are incredibly proud to announce our recent sponsorship of Lydiate F.C., a shining star of the Southport league.

Lifting the trophy for two consecutive seasons, Lydiate F.C. is attempting a mighty treble this season. Knowing the grit, determination, and talent that this team possesses, we are optimistic, no, downright confident; they have what it takes to make it a treble of triumphs.

Lydiate F.C. has been searching for a sponsor for quite some time. Recogniing their unmatched talent and steadfast spirit, we thought it was time they received the recognition and support they deserved. It's not just about fresh kits or providing financial backing; it's more about bolstering their drive and acknowledging the footwork displayed on the pitch every Sunday.

Even sweeter is the connection that three members of the Wilson family share with the club. They play for the team; this familial tie makes our support extra special. It's not just a business endeavour; it’s a family matter. It’s cheering for our lads in the company of our lads. It is a double honour!

We plan to update the team's progress every week for the season. They're not just a team we sponsor; they're a team we back, we root for, and most importantly, a team we believe in.

We are DDWilson – your local business. We are immensely proud to support local people and our local champion, Lydiate F.C. because when one of us wins, we all win. So here's to hoping for that treble — we'll be cheering all the way.

You know, the one who is dedicated, reliable, and always there to keep your homes warm and safe. The one that now proudly supports our champs, Lydiate F.C. Watch this space as we bring you more updates from the pitch!

You know, the one.


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