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DD Wilson is a recognised Master Craftsmen Awarded from The Guild Of Master Craftsmen

Two men touching elbows due to the covid restrictions Darren from DDWilson receiving an award from The Guild Of Master Craftsman
Darren Wilson With The Guild Of Master Craftsman

What a cracking day for the entire DDWilson team! We're chuffed to bits and pleased to share the exciting news. We've deservedly earned the highly-coveted shield of 'The Guild of Master Craftsmen' A bona fide badge of honour, this recognition marks us as skilful, reliable, and accountable tradesmen and affirms our core values of providing top-notch service and superior customer care.

Celebrating A Proud Milestone for DDWilson

Not to toot our own horn, but we take immense pride in being part of this respected award organisation — the oldest and most esteemed in the world. In no small part, this milestone is due to our fantastic customers' continued support and trust. They've truly gone above and beyond, putting up a sterling nomination for us. So, here's a heartfelt thank you to all the lovely folks who have stood by us, cherished our services, and eagerly look forward to the many more accolades on the horizon.

The Guild Of Master Craftsmen The Guild Emblem: A Seal of Trust

The Guild Of Master Craftsman The Guild Emblem
The Guild Of Master Craftsman The Guild Emblem

Given its longstanding tradition of uniting skilled artisans in various trades and crafts to protect public interests, the Guild of Master Craftsmen is quite heavy. Its members, by extension, are proven, recommended tradesmen offering premium services. It doesn't get better than this when it comes to avoiding rogue, unvetted suppliers who might deliver disappointing work. You see, the Guild isn't just about naming members. It's about ensuring the public interacts with reliable, local tradesmen who overdeliver. It’s about guaranteeing quality, and that's why you can put your trust in the Guild Emblem.

Skill, Integrity, and the DDWilson Promise

When you spot the Guild emblem—our new, proud feature— know it's more than just a sign. It's a symbol of quality and an assurance that the bearer, in our case DDWilson, has demonstrated top-tier skill and professionalism to be an accredited member. It's a promise that we have and will continue to uphold and exceed the Guild’s stringent professional criteria.

Should there ever be a dispute between us and a customer (which is a rarity, we might add), The Guild of Master Craftsmen is prepared with effective and time-tested steps towards conciliation. In layman's terms, the Guild emblem is a beacon, signalling that DDWilson is a trusted tradesman who is highly skilled, rock-steady, and accountable.

As we celebrate this significant honour, we look forward to continuing to serve our customers as the highest 5-star rated gas engineers in the northwest. Your trust in us fuels our commitment to keep providing unrivalled service, and rest assured, we won't be resting on our laurels anytime soon. So, once again, THANK YOU, and here's to many more wins together!


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