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Copper Pipes vs. Speed-fit Plastic Pipes: Unveiling the Superiority of Copper

Copper Pipes vs. Speed-fit Plastic

Have you ever walked into a plumbing store and found yourself standing at the crossroads of a hard decision? Gas and heating engineers regularly face this quandary: should they choose time-tested copper pipes or go for the modern, swift-installation speed-fit plastic pipes? Copper Pipes vs. Speed-fit Plastic - Your local heating specialist, DDWilson, is here to clear the fog! We're keen to highlight the enduring benefits of copper pipes, our champions in the plumbing realm.

Wrapping Heads around Copper Pipes

Copper pipes, our faithful allies in the plumbing sector, are celebrated for their robustness, longevity, and trustworthiness. Consider this. Copper inherently puts up an intense fight against corrosion and can flex its muscles to cater to various plumbing applications, making it suitable even for those fussy corners around the house!

Installation? Oh, copper pipes are smooth operators. They ensure a hassle-free installation process, flexing perfectly along your walls or under the floors, just like a dependable old friend ready to adapt. In the last year, we have ripped out many Speed-fit plastic pipes due to improper use of water flow issues and flooding.

Uncovering Speed-fit Plastic Pipes

Speed-fit plastic pipes, the new kids on the block, come with their advantages. They are wallet-friendly and promise a speedy installation. But, alas! They often suffer from ageing wrinkles—their ongoing dance with degradation and the elements can be a cause for future concern.

Why Copper Pipes Take the Crown

Copper pipes are the knight in shining armour, offering health and safety benefits unseen in their plastic counterparts. They put their dukes up against bacterial growth, ensuring your water stays as clear as the intentions of your favourite plumber (that's us, right?).

Did we mention they're exceptional conductors of heat, and their insulation properties are unmatched? They are energy-efficient like no other—a superhero cape moment if you've ever seen one!

Long-term cost-effective? You bet! Copper pipes require minimal knights-in-suit-and-van rescues. So, though the upfront investment might make you blink, the durable copper piping saves you from regular 'damsel-in-distress' moments!

Squashing the Fears

Copper pipes do come with a slightly heftier price tag. And some urban myths floating in the plumbing world may suggest they're harder to install. But take it from your friendly neighbourhood heating experts: these concerns are like old ghost stories that need an excellent debunking! The cost balances out with fewer maintenance demands; installation is a breeze for trained hands!


In the epic saga of Copper vs. Speed-fit Plastic, copper pipes gallantly claim the throne. They are superior in quality, outweighing potential contenders with their health benefits, durability, and trusty, rusty charm. We encourage you to consider copper pipes—a tradition worth keeping—for your plumbing needs. The long-term advantages, we promise you, will blaze brightly!

If you're still unsure about what to do?

Do you feel like you need some old-school advice or modern-day guidance? We're just a phone call away! Contact our professional network of plumbers and suppliers, and let's have a heart-to-heart about your specific requirements. At DD Wilson, we're here to keep the home fires burning and the water pipes flowing.

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