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Standard Gas hob installation


Not all new gas cookers come supplied with the gas-certified flexible hose required to attach to your gas supply and allow you to use it. If a new hose is needed, they cost £20 additional plus any connections required.

Your new oven may be different and may not; depending on how your supply is connected, move back to the wall. Reusing an existing gas hose that you already have (this could be attached to your old cooker) is £60 with all appropriate certificates. At this price point, we do not alter pipework to ensure your gas cooker will push back to the wall.

We offer gas cooker installations with a guarantee that the cooker will push back for £140, including any required pipework alterations, connections, and certificates. DDWilson can help you measure for a new gas cooker and make the gas supply as tailored as possible to ensure a flush and precise fit into your home.

Standard Gas hob installation

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