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We understand how inconvenient boiler problems can be. This is why we aim to repair boilers as quickly as possible, with minimum fuss or expense to you.

Boilers are mainly made of metal and they contain water; a recipe for rust to be formed. Chemicals will prevent the majority of debris build-up in a heating system, but ferrous metal sludge needs to be filtered out. Magnetic Filters filter out the ferrous metal sludge from your heating system.

Compact, highly efficient magnetic filter removes up to 100% of suspended black iron oxide, to protect and restore central heating systems. Rapid-fit connectors for quick installation and faster servicing.

  • 10 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee (Registration Required, T&Cs Apply)

  • Compact Installation for Tight Spaces

  • Rapid-Fit Connectors for Faster Servicing

Magnetic Filter installation

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