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If you rent your house or commercial property you need yearly Landlord Gas Safety Certificates and must have all gas pipework and appliances checked every twelve months and certified to make sure the installation meets gas safety regulations.

Renting your house can be a minefield of legal conditions. DD Willson can take some of that pressure off by helping you with your boiler installation and servicing, providing you with the appropriate Landlord Gas Safety Certificates.

Landlord Gas Safety Inspection we do the following tests during the CP 12 Gas Safety Inspection:

  • Check appliance make, model, type

  • Check operating pressure in Mbar or heat input kW/h or Btu/h

  • Check flue type

  • Check flue visual condition

  • Check flue termination satisfactory

  • Smoke pellet flue flow test

  • Check safety device(s) correct operation

  • Spillage test

  • Check combustion analyser reading (if applicable)

  • Check for adequate ventilation

  • Landlord’s appliance

  • Appliance service

  • Check appliance safe to use

and for gas installation pipework:

  • Check emergency control is accessible

  • Check for satisfactory visual inspection

  • Check satisfactory gas tightness test

  • Check equipotential bonding satisfactory

When the inspection is complete our engineer will email the report immediately over to you before they leave the property so you have the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate immediately we will post a hard copy to your tenant if needed. Your information will then be on our system and our software will automatically send out reminders every 12 months when the new inspection is due.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

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