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Electric Oven Installation: Expertise, Efficiency, and Safety at the Forefront


At DDWilson, we pride ourselves on offering an innovative, results-driven approach to electric oven installation. We understand the transformative impact that a seamlessly-installed cooker, range cooker, oven, or hob can have, and we are here to ensure a reliable and high-quality installation service. Allow us to elaborate on the process, as we highlight the features and benefits of our expert electric oven installation service.

Comprehensive and Seamless Service

Our primary goal is to get your cooker up and running in no time while delivering outstanding customer satisfaction. Here's a detailed rundown of the steps we will take care of during the installation process:

1. Swift Disconnection and Unpacking

Upon arrival, our professional team will promptly disconnect your old cooker and carefully unpack your new electric appliance, alleviating any concerns or inconvenience.

2. Cable Provision and Installation

No need to worry about cables - we come prepared with all the necessary equipment, ensuring a smooth installation process for your new electric cooker.

3. Safety Chain Attachment and Levelling

We prioritise safety by attaching a sturdy safety chain to stabilise your cooker, before meticulously levelling it to guarantee optimal functionality and adherence to industry standards.

4. Photo Documentation

To maintain a record of our service, we will capture a minimum of eight images during the installation process. These photographs act as a testament to our dedication to delivering the highest calibre of service.

5. Commercial Property Compatibility

DDWilson’s electric cooker installation is available for commercial properties operating within domestic voltage ranges (230-240V), ensuring the service caters to a broad clientele.

In partnering with DDWilson, you can expect a hassle-free, professional, and safety-focused electric oven installation. Our expert team remains dedicated to providing quality service, enabling your business to capitalise on the advantages of well-installed appliances, supporting your continued growth and success.

Electric Oven Installation

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