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ecoTEC plus Range by Vaillant Boilers: A Forward-Thinking Solution with Unmatched Efficiency and Adaptability

Proving once again to be leaders in innovative heating solutions, Vaillant offers you its newest range — the ecoTEC plus 826, 832, 836, 840, 940. This advanced lineup of combination boilers is designed and manufactured by Vaillant and installed and serviced with proficiency by the expert team at DDWilson.

The ecoTEC plus range is a groundbreaking leap into the future of home heating. The boilers are smart home ready, offering effective control and energy optimisation, with your comfort and conservation at the forefront. As part of this connectivity, Vaillant has developed the plug-and-play myVAILLANT connect internet gateway, linking the boiler with the most Vaillant controls and providing app connectivity in mere minutes. Take note, the timeSWITCH 150 and timeSWITCH 160 are exclusions from these benefits.

Incorporating the industry-changing ioniDETECT technology, these boilers elevate system efficiency to new heights. This intelligent gas combustion monitoring system empowers the ecoTEC plus range to reach a wider modulation range of up to 1:10 — the result is a boiler that quite literally operates with optimal energy consumption and delivers unparalleled efficiency.

A bedrock feature of the ecoTEC plus range is its 'Hydrogen prepared' certification. These boilers are the first in Vaillant's lineup to incorporate new technology that enables them to operate with up to 20% hydrogen and other blended gas mixtures. This forward-thinking preparation ensures your boiler is ready to adapt should the UK Government decide to include these fuels in our future energy mix. It's a signature of Vaillant's commitment to staying ahead of the curve, delivering future-centric solutions today.

Each unit is hand-built in Vaillant's award-winning Derbyshire manufacturing plant, the culmination of countless research and development hours, years of expertise, and an enduring dedication to innovation. The end result? A classic boiler having been enhanced, intensified, and sharpened for U.K market demands.

Installation and servicing are made effortless thanks to a refined and enhanced internal layout that ensures easy access to all major components. With the same boiler footprint, flue position, and pipe connections as predecessors, like-for-like swap is easy, reducing installation time and complexity.

Automatic LPG conversion can be swiftly achieved on most outputs using the new intuitive semi-touch interface, effectively simplifying installation and set-up with an easy-to-follow guided commissioning and setup wizard.

The ecoTEC plus’s mental acuity has been sharpened through the integration of LINbus technology. This advancement enables a more intelligent and accurate reading of flow rate and pressure differential via the internal pump for improved performance.

Vaillant's ecoTEC plus range—pioneering technology, transformative efficiency, and future-proof functionality, all expertly serviced by the team at DDWilson. Choose a heating solution that demonstrates foresight and potency, with an assurance of unrivalled performance for years to come.

ecoTEC plus Vaillant Boilers

SKU: 364215375135191
    • Smart home ready† - Works alongside the new plug-and-play myVAILLANT connect internet gateway, for easy connection with most Vaillant controls and app connectivity in minutes.

    † Excluding timeSWITCH 150 and timeSWITCH 160.

    • Refined and enhanced internal layout - With easy access to all major components, making installation and servicing effortless.
    • Familiar footprint and external layout - Retaining the same case dimensions, boiler footprint, flue position and pipe connections for an effortless like-for-like swap.
    • New intuitive semi-touch interface - Allowing for effortless first-time installation and set-up, with guided commissioning and set up wizard and easy to follow navigation.
    • Automatic LPG conversion on most outputs* - Completed in minutes using the new intuitive interface, with no additional parts required.

    * Excluding ecoTEC plus 840, 940 and 635.

    • New IoniDETECT technology - Intelligent gas combustion monitoring, helping the new ecoTEC plus reach wider modulation range of up to 1:10, for even greater system efficiency.
    • Sharpened intelligence with LINbus technology - Enables more intelligent and accurate reading of flow rate and pressure differential via internal pump for improved performance.
    • Our new ecoTEC plus is our first product range, incorporating new technology, which has been independently certified to operate with up to 20% hydrogen and other blended gas mixtures, preparing the product should the UK Government decide that these fuels have a role to play in our future energy mix.
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