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Disconnect, Cap Off and Remove Gas Appliances

Our professional and qualified technicians at are trained to disconnect any gas appliance, cap off the pipework and remove the appliance safely. We highly recommend that you get one of our technicians to carry out any of the above-mentioned gas tasks, it will not only save you the hassle but you’ll know that the work has been carried out by the correct trade and is compliant with all local and national regulatory requirements. Upon completion, you’ll be issued with the relevant certificate of compliance for the work that has been undertaken on the gas appliances!

Disconnect, Cap Off and Remove Gas Appliances

SKU: 671253175371
  • When and why you should call

    • You are moving house and need gas appliances shut off, disconnected, capped off or removed

    • You are removing gas appliances

    • You are replacing gas appliances

    • An upcoming kitchen renovation

    • Replacing gas heating

    • Changing over from gas to electric

    • Changing over from electric to gas

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