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Years In The Making: DDWilson Apprentice Now Fully Fledged Gas Engineer

Member of the team with a customer in his kitchen
Lew loved by customers and the team alike

DDWilson is a leading gas engineering company based in the North West, founded and run by Darren Wilson. For over 26 years, Darren has provided exceptional service and expertise to customers across the region. His company is known for its commitment to quality, safety, and care. 

Darren's close friend Alan worked as a drug counsellor and was described by Darren as "the loveliest guy you could meet." Whenever Darren bumped into Alan around town, he would ask if Darren could take on his son Lew as an apprentice. Though initially said in jest when Lew was just a toddler, it was Alan's sincere hope that Darren would teach his son the skills of gas engineering. Darren always agreed, knowing how much it would mean to his dear friend.

Alan's Humble Request

Alan was a lovely guy who worked as a drug counsellor. Whenever Darren bumped into Alan around town, he always asked Darren the same thing: "Darren, will you take our Lew on as an apprentice?" Darren always replied, "Yes, buddy, you know I will be there for you." 

Over the years, Darren would jokingly say, "Definitely, I'll have him trained up for you, no problem." The first time Alan asked, Lew was just two years old. Alan wanted an excellent trade for his son and to know Lew would have the structure and knowledge to become a gas engineer. 

A few years later, Alan asked again. This time, he said Lew was 16 and would leave school soon. "Will you take him on, Darren?" Alan asked. "Say it's done, buddy." Once Lew finished school, Darren promised to take him on as an apprentice.

Team member with yellow hooded top giving thumbs up
Thumbs up from Lew Ready To Work

Lew Joins DDWilson

After leaving school, Lew started working for Darren at DDWilson as an apprentice at 16. Darren had known Lew's father, Alan, for years and had always jokingly told Alan he would take Lew on as an apprentice one day. When Lew was 16, Alan asked Darren again if he would take Lew on to learn the gas engineering trade. Darren kindly obliged and welcomed Lew to join his team and begin his apprenticeship. 

At DDWilson, new apprentices like Lew learned the boiler, heating, and gas engineering trade intricacies. Darren believes it's essential for apprentices to understand how all boilers and systems work and how to ensure they operate safely. Lew dove into his training, eager to soak up as much knowledge and skills as possible. He steadily learned about the equipment, processes, and, most importantly, DDWilson's commitment to exceptional custom care.

The Craft of Gas Engineering

Becoming a gas engineer requires dedication and perseverance. At DDWilson, all engineers must gain a comprehensive understanding of how boilers and central heating systems operate and how to ensure they run safely. The technical skills involve learning about the different components, such as valves, pumps, and heat exchangers, and how they work together in the system. Engineers are trained in diagnostics to identify faults and conduct repairs. They gain hands-on experience servicing a range of boiler models and brands. In addition to the practical side, engineers study the complex theory and science behind combustion and thermodynamics. They learn about natural gas properties, flue systems, and ventilation. A firm grasp of the Gas Safety Regulations is essential. Learning continues after certification. At DDWilson, engineers continually develop their expertise and specialisations. They research the latest technologies and train on new boiler models. Staying up-to-date on industry changes allows them to provide the best service to customers. The craft requires patience, diligence, and problem-solving skills. Whether installing a new high-efficiency boiler or tracing an elusive fault, gas engineers must apply their technical know-how carefully. This mastery of the trade makes DDWilson engineers excellent at their work.

Custom Care

Lew took to providing custom care like a duck to water. He was thoroughly embarrassed by customers and the staff alike. Everyone loves him, and he has a lot to give. He is eager to learn and understands what is needed of him. DDWilson has a diverse and loving team, so we are sought after. People in the North West understand we care, listen, and help fix, in many cases, very severe and complex issues. Sometimes, customers are upset because they have had a flood, and in most cases, it's our job to make them feel calm and relaxed by taking on their worries. Lew has seen a lot over his time, primarily customers giving us the five-star feedback we have become accustomed to but never take for granted. After all the tests, hard work, long hours, late nights, early mornings, and dedication, Lew passed his exam with great pride and respect and is now a fully-fledged gas engineer.

The DDWilson Family

The DDWilson team is like an extended family, with a diverse group of caring individuals united by their passion for providing the best service possible. Though the company name bears Darren's initials, he would be the first to say DDWilson's success is due to the entire team. Many engineers and staff have been with the company for years, taking new apprentices like Lew under their wing. They patiently teach the technical skills of the trade, from understanding complex boiler systems to completing installations flawlessly. Equally important, they impart the "DDWilson way" of treating customers - with empathy, professionalism, and a commitment to understanding each person's unique situation. The team bonds to troubleshoot tricky issues and goes the extra mile to help customers in need.

Whether supporting co-workers through difficult times or celebrating successes, the DDWilson crew looks out for each other. Darren sets the tone at the top but encourages everyone to contribute ideas to serve their community better. The team's diversity, experience, and camaraderie make DDWilson a unique workplace.

Complex Customer Issues

The DDWilson team faces many complex issues when servicing customers' homes and businesses. Flooding can cause extensive damage and require urgent attention to restore heating and hot water. Our Gas Engineers have seen it all—from burst pipes to failing boilers that leave families without heat and hot water during cold winter. Responding quickly and efficiently takes experience and care. We understand the distress flooding causes and work to resolve issues as fast as possible. Our team remains calm under pressure, focusing on permanent solutions instead of quick fixes. Years in the industry have prepared our technicians to handle even the most complex heating system problems. Beyond floods, we see numerous problems - from ageing boilers in disrepair to cutting-edge systems with glitches. All issues are unique in homes across the North West. Our broad expertise allows us to diagnose problems and make repairs for all correct makes and models. We take pride in tackling the toughest heating challenges through knowledge and teamwork.

Our customers count on us in difficult times. We become problem solvers they can trust to eliminate stresses and get their homes warm again. Through compassion and technical excellence, we turn desperate situations around.

5 Star Service

team member with two women customers in kitchen
Lew with more loverly customer

The DDWilson team prides itself on providing exceptional service that keeps customers returning and referring us to friends and family. Over Lew's time with the company, he has witnessed first-hand the rave reviews and 5-star feedback we receive. Our customers recognise that we genuinely care and take the time to listen to their needs. We never take our customers' praise for granted. Each positive review motivates us to maintain our high standards. Though we deal with complex heating issues, we aim to make every customer feel relaxed, knowing we will handle their problems carefully. Our personalised approach sets us apart.

Lew has seen how much customers appreciate speaking to real people who treat them with respect. We take customers' worries off their shoulders by being responsive and working diligently behind the scenes. Thanks to our expertise and dedication, our customers are always satisfied with our solutions. Earning 5-star reviews requires an immense effort from our entire team. We work cohesively, from office staff to engineers, to offer the best service possible. Our stellar reputation is a testament to the hard work Lew and his colleagues put in daily.

Lew's Achievement

After years of hard work and dedication, Lew finally arrived to take his gas engineering exams. Alan always wanted to ensure that Lew would have a trade so that he could take it wherever he wanted. Now, Lew had the opportunity to make his late father proud. The exams were notoriously tricky, with a high failure rate, but Lew felt ready. He had studied diligently on and off-site and pored over manuals and flashcards during late nights. At DDWilson, he received hands-on training that was critical to understanding the technical details and troubleshooting required. Lew had absorbed the lessons from Darren and the team, learning how to service boilers and provide the custom care that sets DDWilson apart. Over the exam days, Lew remained focused and confident. The questions covered the skills and knowledge needed to become a safe, reliable gas engineer. When he received word that he had passed his certification, Lew was overcome with pride. He could continue his father's legacy as a fully qualified heating engineer. Alan would have been so proud to see his son achieve this milestone. Though the exams were challenging, Lew's hard work, dedication, and training with DDWilson allowed him to succeed in this crucial career step. He looked forward to honouring his father's memory by providing the exceptional service that customers have come to expect from DDWilson.

Alan's Legacy

Alan was a loving father who always wanted the best for his son Lew. Though he tragically passed away before seeing Lew become a qualified gas engineer, Alan's spirit lives on. Lew has honoured Alan's memory by embracing the traits that made his father special - kindness, humility, and a commitment to helping others. Just as Alan dedicated his life to supporting those in need, Lew strives to provide the best possible service. Lew fondly recalls his conversations with his Dad (Alan) about joining the DDWilson team. Becoming a gas engineer will allow Lew to make his father proud and carry on Alan's legacy of compassion.

The DDWilson family misses Alan dearly, but his memory motivates them to care for each customer with the warmth and dedication he exemplified. Seeing how Alan's spirit lives on through his son is profoundly moving. Though Alan's death left a hole in many hearts, his legacy continues to uplift and inspire. DDWilson is committed to exemplifying Alan's values—reliability and empathy, to name a few, all of which we see in Lew. He touched many lives, and his memory will never fade. You have made us very proud, Lew. Congratulations, and very well done.

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