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Winter is Coming: Prepare Your Boiler for the Cold Season Ahead

Hi there, folks! In case you haven’t noticed – yes, you’ve got it – winter is coming! Cue the chilly winds, frosty mornings, and pleasant evenings around the fire. But before we start daydreaming about the cosy wintertime, let’s get the practical stuff sorted. You’ve guessed it—we’re talking boilers. There’s nothing more crucial in the Liverpool winters.

Here at DD Wilson Gas & Heating Engineers and North West Boiler Installers, we’re particularly passionate about giving your boilers the TLC they need to keep you toasty during the colder months. After all, the last thing you want to face on a chilly winter day is your trusty boiler turning its back on you!

DD Wilson Gas & Heating Engineers and North West Boiler Installers
DD Wilson Gas & Heating Engineers and North West Boiler Installers

Service and Inspection – Your Boiler’s Best Friends!

First and foremost, have your boiler serviced and inspected by a Gas Safe registered engineer (like our magnificent crew!), ideally before we begin the switch from autumn to winter. Regular services can nip common boiler problems in the bum before they develop into full-blown issues—clever, right?

Bleed Radiators— it’s Easier Than It Sounds.

We recommend bleeding your radiators at the start of winter. It’s a simple job, and you can do it yourself. And trust us—it won’t take more time than preparing your favourite cuppa! It helps eliminate any trapped air that might’ve sneaked in, stopping your radiators from heating your home efficiently.

Keep an ‘Ear’ on it.

Your boiler might not speak the Queen’s English, but it communicates when something’s going belly up! Odd noises, a temperamental thermostat or a drippy pipe, might all be your boiler’s SOS call. When your boilers start telling tales, don’t disregard them!

Insulate Your Pipes

Insulation isn’t just for the loft, folks. Insulating your pipes can prevent them from freezing, keeping your boiler happy and your home warm.

Monthly Check-ups

It’s a good idea to check your boiler and heating system in the winter months at least once a month. Keep a keen eye on your boiler pressure and ensure everything runs smoothly. It’s the boiler equivalent of asking your grandma if she’s got her woolly socks on before she ventures out to bingo!

Prepare Your Boiler

By getting these sorted ahead of time, you’ll avoid the cold shoulder from your boiler and save some of your hard-earned cash in the long run, too. After all, prevention is cheaper than cure! Remember, when it comes to your heating needs, you’ve got us, your local underdogs, here at DD Wilson Gas & Heating Engineers & North West Boiler Installers. We’ll make sure winter in your home is nothing short of warm and toasty. ‘Til then, prepare that boiler and bask in the glory of heat this winter!


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