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Upgrade Your Boiler Today and Get a 7-Year Guarantee, Plus a Free Filter or Boiler Service with t...

Hello, neighbours, friends, and customers old and new! We're thrilled to introduce the Alpha 28 kW boiler, your ticket to a warmer, more energy-efficient home! Compact yet mighty, this modern marvel blends seamlessly into any home.

Alpha Boiler with pipes
Alpha Summer Deal By DDWilson

Upgrade Your Boiler To The Alpha 28 kW Boiler

With its impressive energy efficiency rating, this boiler will help keep your utility bills in check while maintaining a toasty, comfortable home. Its compact size belies its power, making it a fit for just about any dwelling, from snug apartments to spacious, rambling homes.

Full Combi to Combi Swap

Are you in the market for a new boiler? Then Upgrade Your Boiler. The full combi-to-combi swap we offer ensures your heating system operates at its very best. Just imagine lower energy bills and a perfectly heated home whenever needed. Now, that's what we call a win-win situation!

7-Year Guarantee

Nothing is quite as reassuring as a guarantee, especially when it lasts seven years. We're so confident in the quality of the Alpha 28 kW and our installation services that we're making this guarantee available to you. Now, that gives new meaning to peace of mind.

Free Filter or Boiler Service

A free filter means your new Alpha 28 kW will keep running efficiently for longer, while a free boiler service ensures that your boiler always remains in top shape. We like to think of it as us helping you take care of your new investment.


How long will the installation take? Our experienced engineers usually complete the combi swap within a day.

What are the payment options?

You can pay via card, Bacs transfer, or cash.

Are there any surprises in the small print of the warranty?

Not at all! We make sure to spell everything out clearly - no unpleasant surprises.

Take Action Today!

Don't let another day go by with a less-than-optimal heating system. Schedule your appointment online or call us to take advantage of this fantastic deal - an Alpha 28 kW boiler with a 7-year guarantee and a free boiler service or filter for just £1,499!

Remember, we at DD Wilson Gas & Heating Engineers are always by your side, just like we have been for the folks of Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales for over two decades. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priority - that's what neighbours do! Take a step towards a warmer future with us today!


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