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Unbeatable Boiler and Radiator Deal: Winter Special Offer

e-flyer - Premium Package
DDWilson - Premium Package

When it's nippy out and you're returning home from a long day, isn't it pure joy to walk into a warm and welcoming house? Don't let an ageing heating system chill your winter comfort. DDWilson, your local trusted heating solution provider, offers an irresistible winter special offer—a comprehensive boiler and radiator upgrade deal for just £3,999 or upgrade to the Platinum Saver Package for £4,500! Book In Your Free Quote Today

New Heating System, New Comfort and Energy-Saving.

Warm Up Your World with DDWilson's New Heating System

Welcome to the new era of comfort and warmth with our trail-blazing heating system. With staunch dedication, we at DDWilson Gas & Heating Engineers are proud to showcase a series of exciting upgrades that will redefine your home's comfort levels and add a touch of refinement and modern convenience to your everyday life.

Picture this—your home, wrapped in the warmth and comfort that only a top-of-the-line heating solution from a trusted local provider can deliver. We are talking about an ambience where you'll no longer shiver during the frosty winter mornings, a place where getting up from bed to get ready for work doesn't feel like climbing Mt. Everest.

Here's What We're Offering - Boiler and Radiator Deal

We've curated a package to blow your previous heating experience out of the water. We understand that every home requires a different mix of equipment, so we're offering a Boiler and Radiator deal that you can customise to your heart's content:

4 x Premium Quality Radiators:

Upgrade to Vintage Radiators For only £500 extra

Single or double, your choice entirely! These aren't just ordinary radiators. We're talking style, efficiency, and top-tier performance. (Upgrade to the premium package below the radiator.)

1 x Premium Chrome Towel Radiator:

Upgrade to Vintage Radiators For only £500 extra

Now, here's something everyone can appreciate—a radiator that keeps your towels dry and warm for you until you're ready for them. Available in different sizes, they add sophistication to your bathroom while extremely useful. (Upgrade to the premium package below the radiator.)

5 x Thermostatic Radiator Valve Sets:

Precise temperature control is the name of the game. These valves let you manage the heat levels for each radiator, ensuring that each room gets exactly the right level of warmth.

1 x 28kw Alpha E Tec Plus Combi Boiler:

The crown jewel of our offering is boiler units that are reliable, efficient and designed to deliver a steady supply of hot water around the clock.

What makes our heating systems stand out is the comprehensive nature of our offering. We're not merely selling you pieces of equipment; instead, we provide solutions designed to work in harmony, providing you with a level of comfort that's quintessentially DDWilson.

Why The New DDWilson Heating System?

As a locally trusted firm known for our top-tier service quality and professional approach, we understand the importance of keeping your home warm and your family comfortable. Our commitment to delivering the best solutions led us to present this latest offering.

We've sifted through countless radiator models, boiler units, and valve types to assemble this combination that we're confident will meet and exceed your expectations.

We've noticed that nothing quite like our package is available in the market. It's not just that we've assembled a great deal—it's designed to serve you excellently each day.

The Promise of Quality

We owe it to our customers to deliver the very best; this heating system is a testament to that promise. Every component of this new heating system is prime in terms of build, performance, and durability. They are designed for easy installation and low maintenance, meaning each piece promises a long service life and low running costs.

At DDWilson, we align with suppliers who assure the highest manufacturing standards. We've done our homework and have chosen equipment from manufacturers who are in line with our values when it comes to both quality and customer service.

Three Pricing Plans
DDWilson Pricing Plans

Our Commitment to You:

As your dependable partner, we're here to listen, advise, and ensure you get the perfect heating solution for your home and lifestyle. We're proud to be your local business offering premium heating and hot water solutions. We're all in this together.

Ultimately, the secret to a successful business is simple: treat your customers right and ensure their comfort. That's what we swear by at DDWilson. We're not just another company delivering a product; we're committed to providing a service that goes beyond expectations. With this new heating system, we're entering a new era—bigger, better, and warmer.

Join us as we strive for more enhancements that promise comfort, performance, and seamless functionality.

Let’s Take A Closer Look at the Energy-efficient Alpha E Tec Plus 28kw Combi Boiler.

As an integral part of our Winter Boiler and Radiator Upgrade deal, we're delighted to bring you the Alpha E Tec Plus 28kw Combi Boiler. This top-tier boiler represents high performance and is also a model of energy efficiency, safety, and reliability.

A Decade Long Assurance

Here at DDWilson, we're thrilled to back your Alpha E Tec Plus with a comprehensive 10-year complete parts and labour guarantee. We're so confident in this boiler's exceptional quality and installation expertise that we offer this segment-topping guarantee to provide you with long-term assurance.

Take Control with Hive Smart Thermostat

Liberate your heating control with the Hive smart thermostat included in this package. Easily programmable, the Hive thermostat allows for manual control, letting you command the warmth in your home to fit your daily routine. No more unnecessary heating; it's time we brought intelligent control into comfort.

The Magnetic Touch

Cleanliness contributes to a healthy home and a healthier heating system. Our upgrade kit features a magnetic protection filter. This magical device captures any metallic debris circulating within your heating system, prolonging the boiler's life and maintaining efficiency.

Premium Radiators With Two Decade-Long Guarantee

Along with your new boiler, your home will be fitted with premium-quality radiators, providing robust performance and keeping your home toasty throughout winter. Beyond their function, these radiators offer peace of mind with a whopping 20-year guarantee — two decades of stress-free, top-quality warmth!

All Clear For Old Pipework

The proverb out with the old, in with the new, fits perfectly here. A significant part of upgrading your heating system involves a full flush of your old pipework. Superb performance often hinges on achieving a harmonious equilibrium, and this principle also applies to your heating system. At DDWilson, we aim to establish a perfect balance within your heating system. By optimising the efficiency of every individual radiator, we assure you of a uniformly distributed warmth throughout your residence.

With DDWilson's Winter Boiler and Radiator Upgrade deal, you get more than just a boiler upgrade; you're investing in a comprehensive reinvigoration of your home heating system. Answer winter's call with a warmer, more reliable, and highly efficient heating upgrade from DDWilson—your local, trusted heating and hot water experts.

Across-the-Board Quality Assurance

Quality is often used, but how often is it genuinely delivered? At DDWilson, quality assurance isn't just a promise—it's an ongoing commitment. Your package includes a ten-year guarantee covering parts and labour on your new boiler. Peace of mind? We've got it in spades!

An Essential for a Healthy Heating System

Just as we need a good detox now and then, our heating systems are no different. So, we'll treat your revamped heating system to a full-on central heating flush, clearing out any mould, debris, or chemical buildup that could adversely affect its performance.

Sustainable Protection

Included in our offer is a chemical protection solution. We'll add this to your system to safeguard against corrosion and limescale build-up, ensuring your heating system's long-term efficiency and longevity.

Turn Up the Balance

Superb performance often hinges on achieving a harmonious equilibrium, and this principle also applies to your heating system. At DDWilson, we aim to establish a perfect balance within your heating system. By optimising the efficiency of every individual radiator, we assure you of a uniformly distributed warmth throughout your residence.

Official certifications

Your safety and peace of mind are paramount to us, so our package includes 4 x Gas Safe Certificates CP12, issued by our certified engineers. Plus, you'll get the official building compliance and benchmark certificates upon the project's completion—ensuring our work meets industry safety and quality standards.

No Stress, No Mess - Just the Best!

We're not just about delivering a great heating solution; we're committed to providing a stress-free and seamless experience. Our award-winning team of heating and hot water engineers is backed by thousands of 5-star reviews praising our punctuality, efficiency, and tidiness. So you won't be left cleaning up after us!

Your Time is Now

Isn't it time you gave your home heating system the care and upgrade it deserves? Ready to get started? Book a free qualifying survey with us today and discover how we can bring a toasty difference to your home this winter with our unbeatable boiler and radiator upgrade deal. It's not just any deal—it's the DDWilson deal.


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