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The Value of Trust: Why North West Locals Opt for DDWilson for Boiler Installations

DDWilson team leader with a customer in his kitchen
Darren With Another Happy Customer

Even in a world where technology and automation seem to dominate, one thing remains resolute in the hearts and minds of Northwest homeowners – the value of trust. Indeed, locals here are uncompromising regarding something as vital as their home's heating and hot water supply. They demand exceptional quality, unwavering reliability, and genuinely personable service. And, for all these needs, they turn to our team here at DDWilson.

Our Roots in the Northwest

Established in 1998, DDWilson Gas & Heating Engineers started as a modest operation with a workhorse ambition - to offer the best boiler installation services in the North West. Our formula was simple, combining craftsmanship with good old-fashioned customer-focused service. A formula that would come not only to define us but also endear us to our community.

Understanding the North West's unique needs was never just about offering boiler installation services; we needed to be a part of the community fabric to understand its people and their demands for a dependable home heating solution. With this understanding, a business model that put our customers at its heart blossomed and, from there, fostered a sense of trust that has grown stronger with each successive year.

Trust – A Solid Foundation

Trust in a business isn't something built overnight, nor is it maintained through complacency. At DDWilson, we understand that trust comes from consistently demonstrating quality, reliability, and authenticity to our customers.

Quality isn't just about installing top-tier boilers that guarantee reliable performance; it extends to every aspect of the business—from our customer service to aftercare. We commit to a practice of exceeding expectations. It's the DDWilson promise; be it a swift response to an inquiry or the expertise of our certified technicians, you'll always get our best.

Customer Care - Our Pledge

Our commitment to our customers doesn't stop once the boiler installations wrap up. We stand by our customers every step of the way, providing comprehensive after-sales services. Our experienced team is on hand to ensure that their new heating system runs efficiently and lasts for many winters to come.

But customer care at DDWilson means much more. It's about developing a personal connection with our customers, understanding their needs, and being available to them when they need us the most. This deep-rooted commitment to our customers is why locals in the Northwest choose us as their trusted partner for their boiler installation and maintenance needs.

Consistent Growth - Testament to Reliability

Since our humble beginnings, DDWilson Gas & Heating Engineers has seen exponential growth. Today, we are proud to be recognised as one of the Northwest's top-rated boiler installation companies. Our portfolio, which includes thousands of satisfied customers, is a testament to our resilience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to providing top-notch boiler installation services. This growth, built on a foundation of trust, isn't just about numbers; it's about making a difference to homes across the North West.


When one mentions the Northwest's quintessential boiler installation company, the name DDWilson stands out. The reason is simple - trust. Our customers understand that with Wilson, they're assured top-quality products, boiler installations, exemplary service, and a warmth permeating even the coldest Northwest winter. The reason is simple - trust. Our customers understand that with DDWilson, they're assured top-quality products, boiler installations, exemplary service, and a warmth permeating even the coldest Northwest winter nights.

The path to achieving and maintaining trust isn't easy, and it's certainly not a journey that can be embarked upon alone. Our customers are our partners, and together, we have forged a bond that ensures a warm home as we continue to establish the DDWilson hallmark of trust. It's an honour we cherish and an obligation we commit to well into the future.

For generations, our community in the Northwest has chosen DDWilson for their boiler installations. They value their trust in us, and we profoundly value them because, at DDWilson, it's not just about heating homes but also about fostering warm relationships. When you're ready to enjoy a new comfort level in your home, make the trusted choice — the DDWilson choice.


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