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New Award Given To DDWilson Gas And Heating Engineers Ltd

New Award Given To DDWilson Gas And Heating Engineers Ltd
Awarded Best Boiler Installation Service 2022

DDWilson Gas & Heating Engineers Ltd has been named Best Boiler Installation Service of the year 2022 by the Global 100, which comprises of the world’s leading firms and individuals with votes from global readers in more than 163 countries. The purpose of the Global 100 is to provide its readers with a complete picture of the world’s true global leaders within their areas of speciality. The unique process follows a rigorous self-submission and third-party nomination format, with the winners then shortlisted based on a highly comprehensive set of criteria. The judging process assesses:

  1. The strategic nature of the work conducted

  2. The complexity of work conducted

  3. The scale of work conducted

  4. Whether it was done promptly and within budget

  5. Any groundbreaking or innovative processes used

In their own words, the Global 100 provides “a benchmark of the very best of the best industry leaders, exemplary teams, and distinguished organisations.”

Global 100 CEO Gregory Jackson said, “With Darren’s outstanding leadership, DDWilson Gas & Heating Engineers Ltd with a strong position to continue to thrive and reach new milestones. Our team proudly congratulates Darren Wilson and the team at DDWilson Gas & Heating Engineers Ltd on earning such esteemed recognition and very well deserved. This acknowledgement is a validation of dedication. Being the best is a philosophy which permeates all levels of our team from the top down.”


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