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Great Gas Engineers Secure Success: Award For Best Boiler And Heating Installation Service - North West

Award showing how DDWilson won the SME Award For Best Boiler And Heating Installation Service - North West
SME Award For Best Boiler And Heating Installation Service - North West

When you’re having problems with your boiler, what you need most of all is someone who you can trust and who will care. Darren Wilson and the team at DD Wilson Gas Engineers Ltd pride themselves as being the most caring gas engineers, operating under the maxim of people only care how much we know when they know how much we care. Worthy winners in the UK Enterprise Awards 2020, where they were named Best Boiler & Heating Installation Service - North West, we caught up with Darren and to see how he and his team did it.

Based in Knowsley, Liverpool, the approach of the team here at DD Wilson is no stress, no mess in every respect. We have been offering our services to local people and businesses for over a decade and are still going strong today.

DD Wilson is a family-run business and has been since its inception. The beating heart of the firm is how our team champion a local approach at every level. We work with a wide range of people, delivering exceptional customer service to each and every one. This caring attitude has generated a great deal of repeat business for us, as well as phenomenal recommendations that ensure we are always in high demand. The team is made of experienced professionals to ensure that every client receives the best possible service. Staff have over 20 years’ expertise providing the ultimate in care and attention to your boiler needs.

Since we partnered with Vaillant who in our view are the premier leading manufacturer of heating products who offer a level of service along with a first class product has enabled us to pass on this quality & reliability of the highest standard to our customers.

Premium products set the team apart as an incomparable provider, with many people now realising that buying cheap costs more in the long run.

This commitment to quality shows how DD Wilson effortlessly adapts to the modern marketplace. This is an environment in which people are searching for quality at every level. Smart and voice heating control has proven to be a critical deciding factor for 80% of the firm’s customers, so being fully trained in the latest technology allows us to really make a valuable impact with our customers.

Over the years, the structure of the business has changed significantly. What started as a dynamic husband and wife duo, working with two children underfoot, has grown into a team of twelve full-time staff, including a gas apprentice and admin apprentice. The humble box room that was once our base of operations is now a Big Unit in Knowsley Industrial Park. We’re more than equipped to handle anything that comes our way.

Even with all this change, we at DD Wilson have never altered our core values, always remaining grounded and relatable to our clients. Their needs guide every decision from the firm. Looking for staff, therefore, is not merely a matter of seeing if a candidate has the right skills. The right skills can always be taught, but a good nature and friendly approach is something somebody either has or has not.

Needless to say, DD Wilson is made of a happy team who enjoy their work. Keeping morale high means that clients receive the best possible care throughout a job. That is why the team are paid above industry rates, not only to ensure continued loyalty to the firm and to its customers but to bring about an environment of trust and respect. Trust is such a valuable commodity and is key to the customer getting the first-class service that they expect.

DD Wilson has built its reputation on being honest. Our honesty with customers, and our honesty with ourselves allows us to flourish. We keep our word as far as possible, and by doing so, provide truly exceptional service. It’s the reason why the firm thrives now and will continue to thrive for years to come.


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