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Get Your Gas Fire Serviced - Gas Fire Engineer Service - What is a gas fire service?

Gas Fire
Gas Fire Serviced

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What is a gas fire service?

A gas fire service is a little different to annual gas safety checks. Essentially, it involves inspecting each part of an appliance to check everything is working safely and efficiently. Unlike yearly gas safety checks, a gas fire service is not a legal requirement for landlords. However, both landlords and homeowners will highly benefit from having their gas fires serviced.

Why is gas fire servicing important?

We hate to say it but all gas appliances fitted in the home pose a potential risk of producing carbon monoxide. This highly poisonous gas is created when natural gas or LPG (liquid petroleum gas) doesn’t burn correctly due to poor installation, a need for repair or a blocked flue or vent. Other potential safety hazards include gas leaks, fires, and explosions. Hence, it’s so important to have your gas appliances, including your gas fire, checked annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Only engineers registered with gas safe and qualified to work on gas fires should carry out your safety checks. A Gas Safe registered engineer will give you peace of mind that your gas fire will be operating safely and to its optimal efficiency upon completion of the service.

Keeping your gas fire under warranty

Ensuring the safety of your family or tenants is more than enough reason to have a gas fire safety check. However, it’s also worth noting that if your gas fire is under guarantee and you fail to have it serviced annually, it may invalidate its warranty. Some gas fire manufacturers now offer extended guarantees of up to 15 years, so it’s well worth ensuring you meet their requirements in terms of service. Save money in the long run with a gas fire service. Although you will usually have to pay for a gas fire service (something we’ll discuss further), doing so can save you money in the long run. Having your gas fire serviced will highlight any minor issues before they become more significant and expensive problems. That makes sense, right? Servicing a gas fire may take an hour or two, but it’s time well spent. It will keep your gas fire in good working order and prolong its lifespan, ensuring you get more excellent value from your appliance. So to sum things up, gas fire servicing will help keep your family safe, maintain your appliance’s warranty and save you money in the long run.


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