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Full Magnaclean Flushing £299


What are the Benefits of the Full Magnaclean Flushing? MagnaClean is great for a heating system, but what does the magnetic filter offer that makes it so useful around the home?

Cleaner Water

Filtering out sludge and other blockages gives you clean water without chemical waste or contamination. Clean water also does not put as much pressure on the heating system or fill your brand new boiler with a chemical mess that you will have to flush out later.

Better Efficiency

Cleaner water leads to better heating, whether you are using a gas boiler or an electric central heating system. Even over a period of only three days, this can improve your heating system dramatically.

Less Maintenance

Filtering out debris means that you do not have to flush or bleed the radiators in a long time and also prevents damage to the boiler. If you have a MagnaClean installed for multiple years, you could cut down maintenance for your boilers by a huge amount.

Fewer Breakdowns

Blocked pipes lead to breakdowns that can be costly or annoying, even with a warranty. No blocked pipes, fewer breakdowns to deal with! A full installation could extend the lifespan of older gas boilers and brand new boilers with equal effectiveness.

This extends to radiators, too: your radiators will not need cleaning as often and will not wear down in a matter of days as a result of being filled full of sludge.

Lower Energy Bills with Magnaclean

Better heating efficiency leads to lower energy bills from your heating system since you have more water available and fewer blockages to slow the process down with Magnaclean.

Faster Heating

Not only does your central heating become more efficient, but your radiators will often heat up faster, giving you the best level of performance possible with your current system design.

* Full Magnaclean Flushing and up to 9 radiators. The normal price is £499 total saving of 40% until September 2022


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