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From Humble Beginnings to Local Heroes: The Story of DD Wilson Gas And Heating Engineers

Beyond their business, DD Wilson has been actively contributing to their local community being Local Gas And Heating Engineers.
Beyond their business, DD Wilson has been actively contributing to their local community being Local Gas And Heating Engineers.

Local Gas And Heating Engineers

In the crowded realm of gas and heating service providers, one company stands tall due to their unapproachable dedication, relentless perseverance, and exceptional customer service—DD Wilson Gas Engineers. This blog takes you through the inspiring journey of DD Wilson, which began in a modest setting and eventually evolved into a local hero serving Merseyside, Cheshire, and North Wales area.

Humble Beginnings

The seeds for DD Wilson were sowed in 1998, with a vision to solve any heating or hot water problems that people might encounter in their homes. The company officially started operations as Wilson Gas in 2006. The founder, armed only with an old Ford Escort 55 diesel and 100 business cards connected to an old dial house phone, embarked on this remarkable journey.

The company got its name from the founder's children, Darren and Dylan. It began its operations from a box room inside the family home. The working hours were long, extending from 7 a.m. till 9 p.m daily. Darren, the dad, was out on the roads, building relationships with customers, which are still strong today. Despite the arduousness, the vision was clear: to become the go-to local company whenever heating or hot water issues arose.

Expansion and Growth

In 2008, the company expanded, transforming into DD Wilson Sole Traders. The vision expanded too—it was no longer about keeping the business within the family but growing it into a heritage. By 2018, the operation had evolved into DD Wilson Gas Engineers Ltd., moving into a significant unit in Knowsley Industrial Park. Now, the company employs 12 full-time staff, including a gas apprentice and an admin apprentice.

Their commitment has been unwavering, consistently adhering to their principal message—No Stress, No Mess. Their service centred around quality products, premium service, and aftercare, building trust and loyalty.

Contributions to the Community

Beyond their business, DD Wilson has been actively contributing to their local community being Local Gas And Heating Engineers. From sponsoring the Carla Lane animal rescue to aiding residents facing challenges, their mission extends beyond just business. They proudly sponsor local football teams and provide freebies for local charities. Their bond with their customers is personal, transcending the typical client-company relationship.

Recognition and Awards

In 2020, the company was honoured with "The 2020 SME Business Awards Best Boiler & Heating Installation Service Northwest". It became the most five-star reviewed boiler company on Trustatrader in the Northwest. This recognition was a testament to their hard work and unwavering customer service commitment.

Following these achievements, they were honoured with the Guild of Master Craftsmen title in 2020. Despite the challenges wrought by the pandemic, the company continued to support customers and grow their business.

Moving Forward

The future for DD Wilson looks bright. The winning formula remains simple—keep the customers satisfied for centuries. The journey of DD Wilson is a potent reminder of what dedication, hard work, and a customer-centric approach can achieve.

DD Wilson serves as an inspiration for many companies today. The founder, Darren, says, 'You only care how much we know when you know how much we care'. With that ethos, the company continues to forge strong customer relationships and thrive in the gas and heating industry.

Here's to many more years of satisfied customers, community service and growth for DD Wilson Gas Engineers!

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