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Efficient and Stress-Free Vaillant Combi to Combi Swap: A Success Story, Deals Without Delay.

We are proud to share the success story of the Friday family in West Derby, who recently completed a premium Vaillant combi to combi swap with us. This blog post highlights the installation process's remarkable speed and efficiency, added benefits, and customer satisfaction.

Boiler with pipes showing
West Derby Boiler Installation - P.S the switch was fixed after this picture was taken

The Summer Saver Deal on Combi to Combi Swap

The Friday family seized the opportunity to secure a great deal by choosing our services and bolstering on the Valiant Combi to Combi Swap Deal for £1,999. They were particularly excited about our 30kw premium Quality Vaillant eco combi offer with full 10-year parts and labour guarantee. Their eagerness and prompt response to take advantage of this offer set the stage for a fantastic collaboration.

Our Team Took Swift Action

Upon receiving the call from the Friday family on Thursday, our team sprang into action, showcasing our dedication and commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. We wasted no time and completed the installation on Friday, the next day. This prompt response reflects our commitment to minimising inconvenience for our valued customers.

Enhanced Features and Convenience

During the installation, we went above and beyond by providing the Friday family with additional features to enhance their experience. One of the highlights was the inclusion of a free wireless remote control thermostat. This feature allows effortless control of the heating system from any room or floor, providing the ultimate convenience and comfort for the Friday family.

Accommodating Electrical Adjustments

To ensure seamless integration of the new system, our team took it further and arranged for electricians to refix the sockets previously attached to the wooden unit housing the old boiler. This attention to detail emphasises our commitment to accommodating all necessary adjustments and providing a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Stress-Free Experience

The entire installation process was designed to be stress-free for the Friday family. We made sure to prioritise minimal disruption and mess during the installation. Our meticulous planning and execution ensured that the Friday family could enjoy a hassle-free experience, making their satisfaction our top priority.


We sincerely thank the Friday family for choosing our services and allowing us to complete this successful installation. Their satisfaction with the completed project is a testament to our commitment to delivering quality and exceptional service.

Learn more about our services and experience the same level of quality and service by visiting our website at We sincerely thank you for taking the time to read our blog and for your continued support.

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