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DDWilson: Nurturing Community Bonds And Spreading Warmth to Northwood Chapel

team meber installing a new boiler and working on the pipe work
DDWilson team installing a new boiler
ecoTec Pro 30 Installation
ecoTec Pro 30 Installation

In the heart of every thriving community, there lies a nexus of goodwill, mutual support, and unwavering solidarity. At DDWilson, beyond delivering award-winning heating and hot water solutions, we're ardent believers in the cooperation and strength of our locale and Nurturing Community Bonds. Today, we've had the fantastic opportunity to contribute meaningfully to our community by supporting a revered local institution—Northwood Chapel—home to the Kirkby Food Bank.

In a heartfelt display of committed action, the dedicated team at DDWilson set out to equip Northwood Chapel with a brand-new boiler, all at cost. An enterprise fuelled by pure intention, our little endeavour ensured the benefactors of this genuinely remarkable charity benefitted from the warmth they so deserved. But in the spirit of fostering long-term, trusting relationships, our pact stretches well beyond a one-off gesture.

Understanding the need for sustainability and reliability, we've pledged an entire decade of service, accompanied by a gas safety plan—free of charge. We're not just installers; we're here to provide long-lasting assurance. This ten-year plan promises to keep the warmth and nurturing of our sacred relationship with Northwood Chapel and the community.

We Rise by Lifting Others: Your Helping Hand Can Make a Huge Difference

While we continue to propound the essence of being local, we want to remind our dear community members about the importance of looking out for each other. An act as simple as donating spare food can have a profound impact on the lives of many.

At the Northwood Chapel, situated by the Quarry Green next to the 24-hour petrol station, they're always open to contributions mainly. Foodbanks take a wide range of food items, and a typical parcel will include cereal, soup, pasta, rice, pasta sauce, beans, tinned meat, tinned veg, tea and coffee, tinned fruit and biscuits. A little can go a long way; your donation can mean the world to someone.

At DDWilson, we’re all about heating homes and warming hearts. Helping the community stay warm—both literally and metaphorically—is our mission. We're thrilled to be a part of this touching initiative, and we believe such acts of collaborative goodwill will drive real, significant change. If we continue to fuel each other with such selfless acts, the future of our community is bound to be as warm as the boilers we install.

Let's stay connected, look out for each other, and continue being the community we're so proud to serve.

Northwood Chaple - Foodbank 8 Quarry Dl, Northwood, Liverpool L33 8XU 0151 292 3846


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