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Boiler Installations in Ormskirk

Darren From DDWilson shaking hands with a customer
Another Happy Customer

DDWilson were in Ormskirk at L39 for our regular customer, Ken Bevan, who has been with us since 2009.

Ken bought a bigger family home in Ormskirk around the L40, L41 and L39. He wanted to upgrade his traditional heat-only boiler and water tanks to a premium condensing combination boiler.

At DDWilson North West Boiler Installations, we take pride in delivering top-quality professional services for our clients. Our latest installation involved removing the old water tanks and hot water cylinders from the loft to create space and provide a more efficient heating solution. The old water tanks and hot water cylinders produced inconsistent temperatures and failed to meet the customer's needs ideally. We recommended a Vaillant combi boiler to our client, as it was ideal for their requirements. Vaillant boilers are known for their high-quality performance and energy efficiency. Our expert engineers removed the old tanks and hot water cylinders and installed a Premium Quality 35kw Vaillant combi boiler. Installing the new boiler ensured that our client would have a consistent hot water supply and improved the heating system's efficiency, saving them money on their energy bills. Our team also ensured that all the necessary safety precautions were taken and the installation fully complied with local and national regulations. We tested the heating system thoroughly to verify that everything was functioning correctly before handing it over to the client. The result of our installation exceeded the client's expectations. They were impressed with the performance of the new Vaillant combi boiler, and we flushed the system, added a magnetic protection filter, and installed two Hive systems to control the heating upstairs and downstairs separately.

The Bevans now have more space - Boiler Installations in Ormskirk.

Our state-of-the-art boilers are designed to reduce your gas consumption by up to 70%. That's right, 70%! Imagine keeping your home warm and cosy without breaking the bank. Our boilers use the latest technology to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal waste. We pride ourselves on only installing boilers that meet the highest industry standards. Our experienced technicians will tirelessly ensure your new boiler is installed perfectly. Not only will a new boiler installation in Ormskirk from DDWilson North West Boiler save you money on your gas bill, but it will also provide you with peace of mind knowing that your home is running on a safe and reliable heating system. Don't wait any longer; call us today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help you reduce your gas bill by up to 70%!

Better hot water flow rate

Better, hotter radiators that heat up quickly were completed within one day by our master craftsmen. Are you tired of dealing with high energy bills and outdated heating systems? It's time to upgrade to a premium condensing combination boiler. At DDWilson North West Boiler Installations, we offer both efficient and cost-effective top-of-the-line boilers. Our experienced technicians can install a condensing combination boiler, which saves you money on your energy bills and provides hot water on demand. We understand that investing in a new boiler system can seem daunting, but our team is here to guide you. Our boilers come with warranties, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is in good hands. Moreover, our boilers are beautifully designed and engineered to be compact, making them the perfect addition to any household without sacrificing space. In addition, our boilers are eco-friendly, having a significantly lower carbon footprint, making them energy-efficient options. Don't let your old traditional heat-only boiler and water tanks drain your wallet. Upgrade to a premium condensing combination boiler today and experience warm, reliable heating and constant hot water that adjusts to your requirements. Contact DDWilson North West Boiler Installations today, and one of our team will be happy to assist you with installing a new premium condensing combination boiler.

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