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Merseyside Homeowners: Discover the Benefits of Hiring Local for Your Next Boiler Installation

DDWilson vans outside of customers house
DDWilson team full heating system swop

Superior Home Heating By DDWilson

Peter's Journey to Superior Home Heating Peter had been dealing with an unreliable heating system in his Ashton home for years. The old cylinders were riddled with makeshift fixes to keep them limping along. But this past Monday marked a turning point - Peter decided it was finally time to say goodbye to the problems of the past and embrace a new, modern heating solution. After putting up with the patchwork repairs and inconsistent warmth of his outdated system, Peter realised he deserved better. It was time to transform his home into a haven of comfort with the help of a new, high-efficiency boiler and the expertise of a premier heating company. Peter embarked on a journey to find the ideal heating professionals who could give his home the warmth and convenience it deserved and contacted DDWilson, his local boiler installation team.

The Problems

 An unreliable and inefficient heating system plagued Peter's home. His old hot water cylinders had been riddled with makeshift fixes and patchwork repairs, evidence of their age and declining performance. No matter how many band-aid solutions Peter tried, he could never get his system to work correctly or provide consistent warmth throughout his home. The root of the issues lay with the outdated and defective cylinders that were the system's backbone. They leaked heat and left some rooms cold while overheating others. This led to uncomfortable temperature fluctuations and high energy bills from wasted heat. Turning up the thermostat provided only temporary relief at a costly price. Rather than continuing the cycle of jerry-rigged repairs, Peter knew it was time for a complete overhaul. His home deserved an effective heating system that delivered an even warmth and didn't haemorrhage money. The cylinders had to go.

The Solution

For Peter, the solution was clear - it was time to upgrade to a modern, efficient boiler system. DDWilson recommended the Vaillant ecoTEC Pro 30 kW boiler, widely regarded as one of the best and most reliable condensing boilers on the market. The ecoTEC Pro boiler provides consistent heating while maximizing efficiency. Extracting heat from the water vapour in combustion gases achieves up to 98% efficiency, helping reduce energy usage and costs. The boiler is also compact, saving valuable space. The installation included integrating the Hive smart home system to enhance usability further. This allows Peter to control his heating and hot water through an app on his smartphone or tablet. He can now easily adjust temperatures whether he's home or away. The Vaillant boiler and Hive controls offer Peter the perfect combination of performance, efficiency and convenience. With the expertise of DDWilson, his home is now warm and comfortable thanks to a modern heating solution.

The local boiler Installation Team

Keith and Paul are DDWilson's finest installation engineers, each bringing over 30 years of experience in heating and boiler installation to every job. Their combined expertise totals over 60 years in the industry. Keith started as an apprentice plumber in the 1980s before specialising in boiler installations. Over the decades, he has mastered working with all major boiler brands and models. He takes pride in staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and installation techniques. After several years as a plumbing and heating engineer, Paul began working in boiler installation in the 1990s. His passion for the craft quickly became apparent as he moved up to lead installer status. Paul has a keen eye for detail and always ensures every part of the boiler system is flawless before completing an installation. Keith and Paul make an unstoppable team dedicated to providing the highest quality boiler installations. Their experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence are unmatched in the industry. Peter and his family knew they were in good hands with Keith and Paul, who were handling their boiler upgrade.

The Installation

Keith and Paul arrived early Monday morning equipped with the Vaillant ecoTEC Pro 30 kW boiler and ready to transform Peter's home. They began by performing a comprehensive flush of the entire heating system. This removes debris, limescale buildup, or sludge to ensure optimal performance. Next, the engineers installed a MagnaClean magnetic filter, which catches any remaining metallic particles and prevents them from circulating and potentially damaging components. This adds an extra layer of protection and longevity. Keith and Paul said a mains boost pump would enhance the system further. This provides a pressurized water flow throughout the home's pipes and radiators. Peter will enjoy reliable and consistent hot water and heating with the upgraded pump, even in rooms farthest from the boiler.

The installation team worked meticulously and efficiently. Within a day, they had the new Vaillant boiler configured, the flush and filter in place, and the mains boost pump operational. Peter was thrilled to have professionals as knowledgeable and skilled as Keith and Paul improving his home's heating.

Beyond Installation

DDWilson understands the value of thorough and ongoing service. That's why a complimentary first boiler service is included with the installation, ensuring Peter's new setup remains optimal over time. This service helps identify and address any minor issues early before they become problems. Moreover, Keith and Paul integrate modern control technology through a smartphone-operated Hive system. This offers Peter convenience and intelligent temperature management at his fingertips. He can now easily control his heating and hot water from anywhere. The package is solidified with a generous 10-year parts and labour guarantee, underscoring the confidence in the quality of work and products installed by DDWilson. This provides peace of mind that any unlikely issues down the road will be promptly taken care of.

Outside customers house with old cylinder system
Out with the old and in with the new Vaillant eco Tec Pro

The Difference

Keith and Paul's installations are more than a new boiler. Their expertise and attention to detail provide upgraded comfort and convenience that you'll notice throughout your home. Some key upgrades include:

- A complimentary first boiler service to optimize performance from day one. This ensures your system is tuned correctly for maximum efficiency.

- Smart home integration with Hive allows you to control your heating through an app on your phone or tablet. Set schedules, adjust temperatures, and monitor usage from anywhere for convenience.

- Installing a MagnaClean magnetic filter protects your system by capturing debris, extending the life of components and preventing breakdowns. This provides peace of mind.

- Adding a mains boost pump improves water pressure, so you'll enjoy more potent shower spray and faster hot water delivery at taps. Minor enhancements make a big difference.

- Top brands like Vaillant and a 10-year parts and labour warranty give you confidence in the products and artistry.

The difference is clear - upgraded comfort, convenience, and reliability throughout your home. That's the DDWilson way.

Choosing DDWilson

Regarding home improvements, especially replacing essential systems like your heating, trust and quality service are important. That's why so many homeowners in the area choose DDWilson for boiler installations and heating upgrades. DDWilson has been family-owned for over 25 years. Their team of experienced engineers, like Keith and Paul, are not just skilled technicians but provide personalised service you can rely on. They take the time to understand your needs and ensure you get the right heating system for your home. Beyond installation, DDWilson is committed to ongoing service and support. They include a complimentary first boiler service and a 10-year parts and labour guarantee. This gives homeowners peace of mind, knowing they will be cared for long-term. With over 3,000 5-star reviews and numerous awards, DDWilson has earned an excellent reputation. Their customers consistently praise their professionalism, quality artistry, and dedication to service. When you choose DDWilson, you're not just installing a new boiler. You're joining a community of satisfied homeowners who trust DDWilson to provide superior heating solutions and transform their homes with warmth and comfort.

Reviews Showcase Customer Satisfaction DDWilson prides itself on delivering an exceptional experience that leaves customers satisfied. This is evidenced by the thousands of 5-star reviews the company has earned. Customers consistently praise the professionalism of the installers, the quality of the products, and the overall difference the new heating systems make in their homes.   

Here are a few highlights from recent reviews:

"Honestly, I cannot recommend these guys enough. They helped me out and fitted a new boiler, and as a tradesman, I can say now that you will find no finer gas and heating engineers." - Thierry Mastroddi
Always choose dd Wilson for all of our plumbing jobs knowing we will get a first class, professional job done. They were recommended to us and we would do the same 100%." - Carol Burcher
"Great firm to deal with from the first call to their office, to getting problem sorted first thing the next morning, after calling this company early afternoon. Work completed efficiently and professionally. Thoroughly recommend this company." - Mary Roberts
"Friendly, reliable and know their stuff. Had my new boiler fitted 2 years ago. Had NO issues and just had my 2nd free service though recommending them to family and friends. Can't fault at all. Highly recommended ." - Clare Cunningham
"Darren and his team recently installed new boiler and shower for us. Very knowledgeable and informative and all of the guys involved were a pleasure to have in the house. Despite being let down by a supplier, they kept us updated and remained committed to resolving the issue this caused and offered us extra annual services for free. Good people and would happily recommend to friends or family." - Phil Smith

The consistent 5-star feedback confirms customers are delighted with DDWilson's services, products, and staff. Upgrading home heating systems is made smooth and stress-free thanks to their commitment to quality in every aspect.

Ready for Your Transformation? 

As seen with Peter, elevating home comfort with advanced heating solutions is seamless with the right professionals. Boasting over 3000 5-star reviews and numerous accolades both nationally and locally, driven by a family passion for quality service, DDWilson extends an invitation. Are you contemplating an upgrade? Reach out now at 0151 739 8945, send a direct message, or explore more at Discover the difference dedication, expertise, and quality products can make in transforming your home into a haven of warmth and efficiency. Join the ranks of satisfied customers and embrace the warmth of superior boiler installations. Are you ready for the DDWilson experience? Get your free quote today!


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