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DDWilson to the rescue

DDWilson, Has Stepped In To Help A Family After An Installation And Heating System In Ashton In Makerfield Went Terribly Wrong By An Unknown Firm.

Multiple images of bad workmanship by other traders
DDWilson comes across bad workmanship

The young family has two baby's in this home, and the floors were left ripped up and dangerous with no thought to health and safety. With wholes left open for the children to fall-threw easily. Our customer, a big lad, was in near tears explaining what went on and the devastation it's caused the family.

We all make mistakes; nobody is perfect, but this is ruthless tradesman is asking for £3,700 to add seven radiators, pipework and deliver this level of unprofessional and unsafe work. Then just to abandon the job when the house has been ripped up and left this young family is heartbreaking. They cut the joists far too deep for the pipes to sit, breaching the floor's structure (see the pics). Cutting joists too deep can weaken the foundation, which could fall in when this is not cut correctly.

The pipes they installed were all plastic pipes that had not been correctly sized (15mm). They had run's over 16 meters, which means the radiators and heating system would not run correctly. The way they installed the system would have cost the earth to run, ending up with a cold house yet costing them more than before. Sadly this can happen when you don't use trusted companies that are proven local and fully pay up members and registered gas safety.

I couldn't think of a single local company that would leave this so bad. 'No Heating engineer has done this, not a chance.' This young family has been well and truly stung by bandits.

DDWilson, has put it right over a couple of days for them. The message is to anyone always research and vet your installer first. There are lots of good company's and DDWilson is one of them.

You know the one!

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