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Evoking Confidence and Ensuring Safety with Our GAS-Safe Registered Team - Including Gas hose and bayonet and 6mm elec cable and connection included

At DDWilson, we emphasise safety and proficiency in every facet of our service offerings. Our team of highly skilled engineers is Gas Safe registered, ensuring their ability to perform complex installations with utmost competence and safety. We pride ourselves on our rigorous adherence to industry regulations and compliance standards, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Upon completion of your appliance installation, you'll receive a gas safety certificate validating the work's conformity with the established safety guidelines. This crucial document aids your house insurance processes, further emphasising DDWilson's client-centric approach.

Our Gas Safe installation service is comprehensive, and as we step into the preparatory stages of this journey, let us demystify what our service encompasses and how you can prepare to facilitate a seamless installation.

Adherence to a few essential prerequisites is paramount for any gas appliance installation. First, ensure the room chosen for your new cooker has direct ventilation leading out to an open space. An adequately ventilated room plays a critical role in ensuring your gas appliance's efficient operation while safeguarding against potential health hazards.

Equally important is an existing gas supply for us to connect your new appliance. We recommend you double-check this before the day of the installation. In addition to a gas supply, a 3-pin socket point or a visible cooker point within a 1.5-metre distance from your planned positioning is crucial for the cooker's operation.

Lastly, our team will require access to your gas meter for verification and testing purposes. If you have a pre-paid meter, ensure it is sufficiently credited to facilitate a comprehensive functionality check.

Like this, by preparing your environment and providing access to these essential amenities, you enable us to carry out our work with the efficiency you deserve. Our Gas Safe registered team at DDWilson is here to ensure your gas appliance installation is handled professionally, safely, and in line with regulatory guidelines. Trust in us, as we strive to deliver top-tier service centred around safety, accountability, and your satisfaction.

Range duel fuel cooker installation - Expert Installation

SKU: 21554345656
    • DDWilson's team comprises Gas Safe registered engineers, testifying to their professional competence and commitment to safety.

    • Including Gas hose and bayonet and 6mm elec cable and connection included

    • Completion of the installation service merits a gas safety certificate, a substantial document noted for its support in house insurance procedures.

    • Furnish your home with direct ventilation leading to an external space - a necessary prerequisite for any gas appliance installation.

    • An existing gas supply is vital for the hookup of the new appliance. Always double-check for availability.

    • Placement of your cooker needs either a 3-pin socket or a cooker point within a 1.5 meters radius, ensuring efficient operation.

    • Granting our team access to a gas meter is essential for verification and testing procedures.

    • In the case of a pre-paid meter, ensure adequate credit, facilitating an extensive functionality check.

    • Preparation and provision of these vital amenities enable a seamless and efficient installation process.

    • Trust in the proficiency of DDWilson's Gas Safe registered team for a professional, safety-focused, and regulation-compliant gas appliance installation.

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