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Give Cold Showers the Cold Shoulder: Unvented Hot Water Cylinders for Large Families

There's finally a solution to larger households' all-too-familiar disappearing hot water act! Say hello to unvented hot water cylinders. These handy devices are perfect for busy homes with high hot water usage. No more unreliable hot water supply during the morning rush!

Unvented Hot Water Cylinders for Large Families
Unvented Hot Water Cylinders for Large Families

The Pros and Cons of Unvented Hot Water Cylinders


  1. High water pressure: Those powerful showers you love? An unvented hot water cylinder makes them a reality.

  2. Faster heating times: No more waiting for the water to heat up, which is music to the ears of large families.

  3. Improved energy efficiency: These cylinders use energy efficiently, saving money and lowering your home's carbon footprint.


  1. Professional installation: Safety comes first – always seek a certified professional for installation and periodic safety checks (like us 😉).

  2. Higher upfront costs: The price tag might seem steep, but the long-term savings and improved hot water supply make it all worth it.

  3. Increased maintenance requirements: A little TLC is needed to ensure smooth, uninterrupted service from your cylinder, so if you do go with one of these big fellas, then make sure you book us in for a service a year after installation.

Gledhill: Compact, Insulated, and Solar-Compatible

Gledhill unvented hot water cylinders bring together a space-saving design with top-notch insulation, reducing heat loss and saving you money on energy bills. Plus, they're compatible with solar panels – all the more reason to consider Gledhill!

"We're a family of six, and our Gledhill cylinder keeps up with our hot water demands beautifully. Plus, it's so compact, we never even notice it's there!" – Alan Carter.

Oso: The Durable and Safety-conscious Choice

Oso hot water cylinders boast a robust stainless steel construction that guarantees longevity. They also offer customizable sizing options, so getting the right size for your family is a breeze! And with advanced safety features, Oso is a reliable choice for your home.

"Having four teenagers in the house meant constant fights over hot water. Since getting our Oso cylinder, we've had consistent hot water, and the fights well, they've cooled down!" – James McDonnell.

Valiant: Quick, Efficient, and Versatile

Valiant hot water cylinders are known for their lightning-fast heat-up times and impressive energy efficiency. Plus, they're compatible with various heating systems, making them a fantastic choice that seamlessly integrates into your home.

"Now we can enjoy long hot showers without worrying about running out of hot water – it's a game changer!" – Mrs S. Mellor.

Summing It Up: Supercharge Your Household's Hot Water Supply

So there you have it, friends – the lowdown on unvented hot water cylinders. The solution to your hot water woes might be one of these fantastic cylinders from Gledhill, Oso, or Valiant. But before you take the plunge, consult our reliable DDWilson team for trustworthy advice and confident recommendations.

We at DDWilson are here to lend a hand and help you make the best decision for your family's hot water needs. Giving cold showers the cold shoulder has never been easier!


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