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You should Never DIY a Gas application or fitting unless you have been given the proper training as you can put not only your health at risk but if something does go wrong the House could become badly damaged in the process. We are here to help with our affordable Gas Servicing Merseyside offers, if you need help with a Gas Installation or repair job then why not get in touch with us today?
We are always here to help and even with a tight budget we hope our low prices on Gas Servicing Merseyside can help you along even more.

We are here to help

It is the law that only Gas Safe Registered Engineers can carry out Gas Servicing work or a checkup. DD Wilson is qualified to carry out these checkups as we have been given the proper training and stamp of approval by Gas Safe Registration so why not give us a call and we can arrange a Gas Servicing Merseyside checkup for you.

A great piece of advice that most customers or clients of ours tend to not know or overlook is asking the Gas Servicer to show their Gas Safe Registration ID Card before entering your home. It is important as if they are not fully trained to carry out the job then more damage could be done to the Product needing the service.

How long could a Service or Checkup take? That all depends on how many applications there are to check though a Cooker and Boiler would normally take around 2 hours to complete. Our Gas Servicing Merseyside jobs are done as fast as possible but done correctly first time as we understand that you may have been caught off guard by a breakdown or leaking gas line, that is why we wish to help you out as fast as possible so you ca relax again.
A handy tip to notice if anything is wrong within a room or your Household would be to install several Carbon Monoxide Alarms as these can tell you when it is present in the air and will warn you that a leak is present in a given area that could lead you to some harm.

If you notice anything strange with a Gas applicant then get it checked out to be safe although all appliances should be given a checkup and servicing within the end of a full year of it being installed it is the law and should not be taken lightly.
We here at DD Wilson are Gas Safe Registered and fully qualified I.G.E.M. Chartered Gas Engineers meaning we are able to service and repair Gas appliances, Why don’t you get in touch with us today to find out more about our Gas Servicing Merseyside offers and advice?

What Some Of Our Customers Say?

“Had some trouble with our Gas Cooker, as it started to leak out Gas. DDWilson arrived quickly and managed to fix the leakage even quicker, I would highly recommend.”

Leroy Simmons


“Was a massive problem with no light in the house turning on. Turns out it wa faulty wiring and DDWilson managed to rewire all the lights, very professional and friendly workers.”

Richard Stevenson


“We had just moved into our new home and needed the Central Heating to be serviced. DDWilson’s prices really helped us along and we could not have asked for better service.”

Anne Campbell


“DDWilson arrived at our house in an unbelievably quick period of time as we had a burst pipe leaking water. They managed to fix it and save most of our valuables as a result.”

Jennifer Hadow


“I called up to have my plumbing cleaned as it was starting to become clogged inside. DDWilson sorted everything in no time at all. I would definitely recommend.”

Josh Pinkerton


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