Are you looking for someone to carry out an Energy Survey?

Energy Survey? Wondering how much Energy and resources you are using to keep your House running? Here at DD Wilson we have Expert
inspectors that can come to your Home or place of Work and carry out the necessary work needed to gather all the information needed to get to work on our Energy Saving Services Merseyside. We can offer you advice as well as make alterations to your Home such as Installing insulation under the roof allowing for less wasted energy being used to keep your Home warm.

Energy Saving Services Merseyside

Our Experts may be able to save you Money on Energy Bills

After all the data has been gathered by us we can then look to work towards cutting those Energy levels down and implementing a solution as to save you money on your monthly Heating and Electricity bills.

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What Some Of Our Customers Say?

“Had some trouble with our Gas Cooker, as it started to leak out Gas. DDWilson arrived quickly and managed to fix the leakage even quicker, I would highly recommend.”

Leroy Simmons


“Was a massive problem with no light in the house turning on. Turns out it wa faulty wiring and DDWilson managed to rewire all the lights, very professional and friendly workers.”

Richard Stevenson


“We had just moved into our new home and needed the Central Heating to be serviced. DDWilson’s prices really helped us along and we could not have asked for better service.”

Anne Campbell


“DDWilson arrived at our house in an unbelievably quick period of time as we had a burst pipe leaking water. They managed to fix it and save most of our valuables as a result.”

Jennifer Hadow


“I called up to have my plumbing cleaned as it was starting to become clogged inside. DDWilson sorted everything in no time at all. I would definitely recommend.”

Josh Pinkerton


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